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Has anyone tried ordering an indigo chambray Vintage ivy shirt on their website? This link seems to fail: http://www.kamakurashirts.com/contents/vintageivyshirts/#size Another link, which works, doesn't include the indigo chambray: http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/pages/1508_vintageivy.aspx Can one reach Kamakura by email?
Saw a new shop in Madrid that's positioned between Meermin and Carmina in the Spanish shoe market. Both pricing (around 290 Euros, presumably including VAT, for brogues) and quality seem to be about midway between the two. Goodyear welted and "made in Spain" - no mention of finishing only - according to their Facebook post. The twist is that they claim their shoes are "custom fitted". Lasts are certainly not EG or Lobb, but looks to offer good value. Sounds...
Any recommendations for aquashort type suit for recreational pool swimming?
May be interested in a derby in cigar, oxblood or dark brown. Preferably in single leather sole in Hiro or Olfe last.
I think Suitsupply´s Lazio and Napoli models fit the bill. They´re more tailored than your grandpa´s suit, but within the classic paradigm. They´re Grown Men´s Wear (tm) - the jacket still covers the but. If I were your husband, I´d avoid SS´s more trendy models such as the Havana, where that´s not the case.
Which SS suit did you try on? Some have fuller pants - and overall cuts - than others. I think it depends on your work environment, personal taste and what shape you´re in. I´m also 55 (there, I said it!) and I wear both a Napoli and a Lazio OTR. I can get away with even the trimmer Lazio because I´m in pretty good shape, like a somewhat trim fit (but nothing extreme, and no notched lapels, please) and I spend half the year in Europe, where even middle-age guys tend to...
I´ve worn various models of the casual Ecco shoes for the last 8 years and have had no problem with sole durability. They remain my go-to casual shoe: best mix of styling and minimally good foot support. The latter is very important for folks like me who want a lightweight, reasonably decent looking plimsol-like weekend beater shoe, but who have real foot problems (e.g., metatarsalgia) and need minimum real support that most beater shoes lack. That said, I´d say that ...
Still interested, particularly in a caramel/blue combo similar to this: http://instagram.com/p/cv3CkPQd-v/ I would also cast my vote for a triangular, rather than flat, bottom.
Nice denim. 3sixteens?
I´ve also noticed more heel slipage on my dub monks than on my laced up shoes. I think its generic to dub monks, and not specific to Meermin, though my flat feet may contribute to the slipage.Here´s how I solved the problem:1) I asked Meermin to punch another hole on the rear strap. (I bought the dub monks at the Madrid store). This tightened up the back fit, limiting slippage.2) Because I have really flat feet and wear an orthotic, which raises the foot at mid shoe, I...
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