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Did anyone manage to grab a size 28 of the slim fit raws or a size 40 of the black high tops that they want to resell?
Have too many hoodies so I'm letting these two go. All of you guys here know the quality of Wings + Horns. They are both in very excellent condition. The grey one was used a bit more. Worn a handful of times and washed twice. The brown one was used much less. Both are size small. Please pay as a gift through paypal. Shipping extra. Will be coming from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Local meet-ups welcome. Grey one is $70, brown one is $60.
For law school the only good options are the higher t14s and a 3.5 and 157 are very, very mediocre stats for those schools. Please don't go to law school, you'll be in so much debt its not even funny and your job prospects are bleak because the US law school system is out of control. Too many worthless schools that only care about tuition money pumping out foolish graduates.
Somet 008 just gave them a soak last night.
Color just doesn't suit me. Only worn in the house for less than an hour total so it is like new. Price is $100 which already includes paypal but no shipping yet. Shipping depends on destination. Hoodie is coming from Vancouver, BC.
That seems reasonable. A size 28 003 has a 30" waist and an 8.25 rise. A size 27 008 has a 31" waist with a 7.75" rise. If you want to be sure then I guess you could take your current pair and measure 0.5" below where it sits now to get the right size.
Stick with the same size because the rise of the 008 is so much lower than normal and you'll need a wider opening because it sits on your hips not your waist. I don't have an 003 but my APC NS size is the same as my 008 size.
Somet 008 had for 8 months with around 7 months of total wear. No washes and no soaks yet. Pics are from an iphone so quality is just ok.
I can't edit the original post anymore but this was sold a long time ago.
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