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Bump? :::Sorry:::
I am in the process of having a new MTM tuxedo put together that will be my go-to for most semi formal functions. I expect it to get fair use, but I am spending enough on it that I am considering grabbing a second tuxedo for more run-of-the-mill events such as local charity dinners, etc. For the second tuxedo, I am trying to keep the budget to under $500. I know this sounds like a waste of money, but my wife is pretty involved here in town and we go to like 4-5 dinners...
I'm really drunk, by the way.
I actually might try this with some navy suit pants this weekend. I will still struggle with the tie. I would love to do something red and navy, but I do not think that would work. I am really open to tie suggestions. General colors you see being good here.I am just going to go drink the Ardbeg I have in my office until I hear back.
Haha, thanks man. I think I might. It is causing me too much f-cking stress!
Just bumping in hopes of someone having some other ideas. Thanks!
Tough indeed. I think that is what has me stumped. The color is closer to the first picture, so lighter. I was trying to mess with the flash and overall lighting to give a proper impression of the true color. It is a lighter gray, warm with a hint of brown. That is why I do not like pairing it with brown pants. I feel too khaki, like Jack Hanna-ish. Maybe I'll just wear it with jeans and stop trying to dress it up... Thanks for any additional tips.
Thank you. I presume that the pants will have to be solid, as the coat obviously has a pattern. I have a few pairs of medium gray trousers but they are all slightly patterned. I will need to get a solid pair. With regard to shirt/tie, I have tried to go with a simple white shirt and worked the tie in with the light blue in the coat's pattern. Any other ideas are appreciated. I just want to mix it up a bit, but I am not confident with pairing to this specific jacket...
I have a sport coat that fits well. I love the colors and the fabric. It has a nice cold-weather appeal that is rare in the South (US). I don't have the opportunity to wear it much, due to the weather being warm most of the year... When I do have the opportunity, I find it very hard to match with slacks/ties. I would really appreciate some help. I have added some pictures that hopefully give you a good feel for the true fabric/color. Honestly, what I would love is...
Thank you
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