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http://www.ebay.com/itm/ANN-DEMEULEMEESTER-HIGH-TOP-SNEAKERS-ANKLE-BOOTS-SIZE-40-EU-/300692741727?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_212&hash=item4602af1e5f#ht_500wt_1001 Ann double buckle sneaks, the best version IMO. Like new, size 40 for about $420. Would buy myself if size 41. They usually run about a size big so these should fit a true 41.
DHL = customs charges
LMAOdefinitely true. i was actually thinking about picking up a red TOJ DR as a 'going out' jacket just to wear with a white t, jeans and boots all the time.
Nothing beats the Julius riders if you want a red jacket.
Shah's already had and sold that scarf if I'm not mistaken. and that $450 price tag on it is ridiculous.
You've never felt Common Projects from a few years ago.LMAO
I personally wasn't implying this. A motorcycle jacket is meant to be worn fitted. That is not Rick Owen's vision.
Needed some new dress shoes (borrowed pic): Also picked up an Indigo Stark. and paid for summer classes
IMO that's way too loose.....like why buy a Rick to achieve that fit? This moto should be very fitted in my opinion like the Rick styled below. Actually, even more fitted and 'break it in' like a lot of people do. That looser fit would look better with a different styled jacket. The moto is supposed to fit like a 'moto', nice and tight. You say that's a large......your chest isn't filling it out. and it being 'really tight' around your arms and shoulders.........not even...
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