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Added better pictures....
Wings & Horns Olive Sweatpants Size medium, worn three times, cold washed and hung to dry afterwards. Fantastic sweatpants from forum favorite Wings & Horns. These are super nice with a drawstring at waist and bottom of both legs. Current season sweatpants retail for $170-$199. Price-$100
*Make a reasonable offer and it's yours. Epaulet Multicolor Gingham Raw Silk Tie One of the best ties ever, new, never worn. Epaulet no longer carries these and was a great seller when he did. Made from 100% raw silk, a great casual tie. About 2.5" wide at the bottom. Price-$50
Wolf vs. Goat Charcoal Sweat Knickers Size medium, worn two times, cold washed and hung to dry afterwards. Great for lounging, running errands, or whatever else. Super soft inside due to the 'vagina' fabric as Mauro calls it. Retails for $110 at WolfvsGoat.com and they're sold out in this size. Price-$60
Wolf vs. Goat Purple Oxford Size XL, has been worn once, in like new condition. Cold washed and hung to dry afterwards. This a great color in the 'before dinner' cut. Retailed for $175 originally at WolfvsGoat.com Price-$60
They're size 6 and that price is absurd. Thanks anyways though my man. I've seen barely used black tornadoes go for $1100-$1200 all day. $1000 if they're in a rush to sell. Hell, you can buy them brand new from Ink for $1550 or so.
^Awesome. I used to constantly listen to 'Night Drive' anytime I rode my motorcycle at night. Some great tunes to cruise to.
Holla at me if you guys see black CCP tornadoes sz 7
^Good advice from Knisse. Also....if you want to go with the prep boy look, pick up some Quoddy boat shoes instead of those atrocities you posted.
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