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they're super cool man, my buddy has a pair. pretty versatile with the buckles undone and zipper. they're a great 'lounge' shoe or even tucked w pants if you're skinny enough (I know you are). you should pick them up.
you hit up shorts or linen pants,etc for most of spring/summer? I've been trying to do some loose linen every now and then and it's still making me sweat. and you're farther south than me. speaking in the day of course, night is a fine.
I think people are mistaken in what Brad was saying. He wasn't saying you have to be Rick head to toe, he's just saying get basics LIKE what Fuuma suggested. Not striped MC sweaters and shit.....Doesn't have to be 'ninja' branded, just 'ninja' colored.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/ANN-DEMEULEMEESTER-HIGH-TOP-SNEAKERS-ANKLE-BOOTS-SIZE-40-EU-/300692741727?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_212&hash=item4602af1e5f#ht_500wt_1001 Ann double buckle sneaks, the best version IMO. Like new, size 40 for about $420. Would buy myself if size 41. They usually run about a size big so these should fit a true 41.
DHL = customs charges
LMAOdefinitely true. i was actually thinking about picking up a red TOJ DR as a 'going out' jacket just to wear with a white t, jeans and boots all the time.
Nothing beats the Julius riders if you want a red jacket.
Shah's already had and sold that scarf if I'm not mistaken. and that $450 price tag on it is ridiculous.
You've never felt Common Projects from a few years ago.LMAO
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