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How warm are SNS starks? Am planning on picking one up, but have never felt one in person. Is it ridiculously thick for FL fall/winter?
Guidi GB2 in horse......FINALLY after 6 months of looking for one under retail. I wasn't fond of my last one as it was years old without the metal connectors on the handles, which resulted in a weird pull on the bag. This one is much better.........and the patina looks awesome.
Title says all....looking to pay
Up for grabs is a Kicking Mule Workshop belt, size 32. This is one of the nicest belts I've ever handled....flat out. These are hand cut and sewn in the back streets of Osaka, Japan using ancient methods of hand dipping, sun drying and vegetable tanning. The buckle is made of hand forged brass and the entire belt just feels of great quality. This is a definitely a belt that will last years and years and deserves to be worn in well. I literally wore this belt two...
Forget the front zips, somebody get that jut neck.
You can send your bag in to Filson and I believe it's only $15 for the part AND labor......
Cleaning out some stuff that is sitting around my house: Filson 257 Tan Briefcase Used this for about 6 months, still in great condition. These briefcases last a lifetime (and have the warranty to back that claim) so this one is relatively new in the scheme of things. There's a small black mark on the front and the leather is just starting to break in. All part of building character in these bags. 257's currently retail for $260. Price-SOLD Saddleback Tobacco Passport...
Size 41, have been worn four times, pretty much no sole wear. Price tag still on box where these were $426 at Revolve. These look fantastic in person, the internet doesn't do them justice. Comes with original box, dust bag and extra laces.
bnib guidi 995's in baby calf size 45.5 on SZ. not sure what he's looking for price wise.... http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14136
Cleaning up my entire house to try and match my fashion mindset as of late being nicer stuff in lower quantity. Have thrown away/put in Goodwill bag so much stuff. Opening up so much space for ...................activities!
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