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^Awesome. I used to constantly listen to 'Night Drive' anytime I rode my motorcycle at night. Some great tunes to cruise to.
Holla at me if you guys see black CCP tornadoes sz 7
^Good advice from Knisse. Also....if you want to go with the prep boy look, pick up some Quoddy boat shoes instead of those atrocities you posted.
I think that's going to have to be MTM for sure homie. I'm a lean 42" chest, 32" waist but my neck is 15.5". I've found quite a few brands that my neck, maybe sometimes .5"-1" too big but nothing ever close to 17.25".
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Stephan-Schneider-Asymmetrical-Coat-Size-4-medium-/180855090996?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item2a1bcdaf34#ht_3151wt_966 Schneider coat size 4
Saphir isn't a bad call as you can always use it in the future with your dress shoes.
Chiggah I know you're excited man, but you keep posting the same thing on here and SZ. Just wait for a response on one bro.
NCB is HIGHLY underrated in my opinion. Especially at the prices you can get the stuff. Free bump for a good cardigan at a great price. Would buy myself if it was a 50.
That makes no sense whatsoever. Sure I buy and flip a lot of stuff, but I've never bought anything completely useless such as that? Not to mention 95% of my purchases are never at retail price.
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