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I've been so busy w school, been a complete ghost the past months. Just now hopped back on the forum the past week or so : (
Anywhere know where to get this in a size 6?WW no longer has it
Yup, agree with the statements about the ss11 perforated summer editions. Horrible creasing and hated the toe.
Yes, weird guy would definitely fit better.
Be more specific when you say derbies and price range Max. Casual, Augusta/Carpe style derbies or something more 'dressy'? $300 or $700?
Yeah, I've always wanted to try these out but wasn't going to cough up the $700+ retail price for them. Saw the Dayton sale come up, but was only going to get the W+H model in nubuck, so it was a while, but finally had a fellow member PM me with a good deal earlier this week, so kopped immediately.I actually got it from Micah at VintagerStraps.comThe 'mauser' model is a popular model by him at Paneristi.com and I specially requested a WWII pouch. The contrast of the mil...
Does anybody have some black low top achilles laces they'd sell me? PM me if so........you usually always get two pairs, hopefully somebody can hook it up. Thanks!
Smash-Thanks man, been saving up for that one for a while. Had a PAM111, but sold it to save up for the 312 as it's a completely different beast. That strap I have it on is made from a WWII ammo pouch. Hoozah-All I know is that I've bought and flipped so many boots (Carpe, Augusta, Guidi, etc) and these really are my favorite. I just love them Thanks again bdeuce
Been a bit since posting. Here's some recent pickups (sorry for cell phone quality pics): PAM312 Kicking Mule Workshop Dayton x W&H
For guys with big drops (10+) before dinner is amaaaaazing
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