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Fantastic! Do you have this post on WatchUSeek as well?
Damn man, would kop this for riding on my bike if the shoulders and chest were just a bit bigger. GL with sale Synth
I owned these boots (in my size)........SUCH badass boots in real life, I've never seen a picture online that did them justice.
Might be a longshot..........but title says all....looking for the brown leather, specifically the W+H ones. Thanks!
^Was about to second the Persol rec
Need a Salt proxy for some sunglasses. Lost mine : (
Mauro, same size in thermals as BD size? Been out of the clothes buying game for a bit due to insufficient funding : ( Also, taking it it's still the same that we can't apply our tote discount to items already on sale? Just double checking. Thanks maneeee
Title says all....purchased in August of this year, so has about 8 months left on warranty. Computer is very fast and everything works perfectly, could just use the cash for other things right now.
Title says all......worn two times only, the tank is in fantastic condition. Retails for $250, this is the nice one made out of rayon/silk, not the cheap cotton ones. Is is 'dark shadow' color which is grey. Same tank seen here: http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/p/Rick-Owens-Lightweight-Cashmere-Cardigan-Asymmetric-Silk-Cargo-Shorts-Clothing/prod70080060/?ecid=BGALRJ84DHJLQkR4&ci_src=14110925&ci_sku=prod64810002skuDARKSHADOW
New Posts  All Forums: