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LOL that's funny as I literally just picked up an indigo melange stark in large last week as well. I'm a little bit more north than you though, I'm hoping I can still get some use out of mine. SNS is a great product, especially on discount.CD-you're crazy if you think all you need for Boston winter is just a stark. I freeze in wool coat with layers underneath with a wool scarf when I visit friends in Philly and NYC in the winter. You live in a hot climate, you don't handle...
I know you guys hate customs charges and them marking full value and/or a gift (I don't like it either)..............but you do realize this is illegal for companies to do and that's why they usually won't do it? You end up paying about the same as you would in the states (sometimes less) so it's not like they're grilling you on the price, it works out to about the same. Not to mention if they did mark your $1000 purchase as $100 and it was lost.........somebody's going to...
Oh yeah, these came in the other day, super comfortable. Love the brown underside of the laces.
Their website is literally so I just assumed that's what it was, haha. Hmmm, interesting.........I really need to take a trip there and check it out, if anything, just to go once.
Is Denver like Boulder>? I was seriously considering UC-Denver as a possibility for med-school, not only due to the school itself but because I'm pretty athletic and my friends rave about it saying it's the 'healthiest place' they've ever been with an abundance of physical activities. I've never really asked them about culture/nightlife/food as all those are important to me as well. Keep in mind, this is coming from people who are only there for 1-2 weeks at a time. Have...
Thanks, had picked up the large They're the nice 85/15 ones too, not the 100% cotton ones.
250 is the best for learning, all 'biker bros' will give you shit for it though. I'm taking it you've never ridden anything before, dirt bike even? I just sold my CBR600RR, miss it already. When you get years experience, get this. 848 Evo
they're super cool man, my buddy has a pair. pretty versatile with the buckles undone and zipper. they're a great 'lounge' shoe or even tucked w pants if you're skinny enough (I know you are). you should pick them up.
you hit up shorts or linen pants,etc for most of spring/summer? I've been trying to do some loose linen every now and then and it's still making me sweat. and you're farther south than me. speaking in the day of course, night is a fine.
I think people are mistaken in what Brad was saying. He wasn't saying you have to be Rick head to toe, he's just saying get basics LIKE what Fuuma suggested. Not striped MC sweaters and shit.....Doesn't have to be 'ninja' branded, just 'ninja' colored.
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