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I ride a motorcycle, I'd NEVER wear anything on my back that wasn't a back pack where I had straps on both shoulders as well as a strap across my chest. Fashion takes a back seat to safety when riding two wheels.
That leather looks extremely cheap with it's sheen and I'm sure it's very thin. However I'm pretty picky about leather accessories, so your opinion may differ. You say you're starting law school and wanting to look more 'mature'. Why don't you look into a briefcase instead of a messenger bag? A messenger is still a bit juvenile IMO. and that's coming from someone still in undergrad.
Do you want leather or canvas? A quality leather briefcase/messenger is going to run a lot more than $300. If you went with canvas you could of course go with Filson.
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Recently picked these up. I was on the fence about the washed leather when they first released, but I really like these them in person.
44mm.....automatic.....in house movement
PAM312N just purchased last month from an authorized dealer in Florida, so has about 23 months remaining on warranty. Comes with triple boxes, tools, everything as if purchased in store. Only reason for selling is because I would like to purchase a car. Current retail on the PAM312 is $8300 and will be going up again this year. *The vintage ammo strap pictured is not included with the sale. The OEM black gator and OEM black rubber straps are included (what you normally...
I'm definitely about some menswear brands for dress shoes, love the English brands. However, like I said, I'm going for a casual, worn in look, like the SS lookbook. All the menswear brands seem to be polished and dressy. I don't want to look obnoxious wearing them with shorts and rolled up chinos this spring/summer. Like these Lanvins, but in a black and not suede:
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