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lol no joke, me too.sleeves are always short on my because my shoulders are so wide.j, if you got somebody that can pull legit fabric we need to get some tees made up. entire line isn't even necessary. if we're talking like $100-$150 a tee (is this where you'd be?), we wouldn't need that many to make it worth his or her time either. lmk if this is any type of real possibility.
Damn Nam, 3x excited huh?
Speaking of Hashimotos, ENJOY Black S23 sz 43 29,900yen http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e138702793 Green S21 sz 42 25,000yen http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m108399408 Black S25 sz 42 26,820yen http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g128599149
No, I totally agree in most instances. I was thinking he could compare with his Carpe outsole though as it would have to be fairly close...ALSOCan somebody clarify for me....so Junhashimoto was part of WJK, then he left to make the label Junhashimoto correct?
Jet- Size 43 Hashimoto's have about a 31.5cm outsole. That too small? I've never seen size 44s pop up...Yup, that's why I explicitly stated it was just my opinion. I have nothing 'bad' to say about Guidi product, it just doesn't work for my style though. If it works with your aesthetic it's a great product at a good price.
My size 1 Julius combats had almost a 30.5cm outsole and could definitely fit a sz 9. I think that was because he designed that model to be worn oversized though.
Bands are personal preference entirely. Although some (including myself) will always sport a leather strap over bracelet if I'm wearing anything 'dressy'. I like bracelets or rubber for an 'every day' sort of thing if I'm wearing a diver like a Planet Ocean. At that price point, if you just want a dependable good looking watch, you can obtain a Citizen for around $150-$200 that will look identical to that first watch. The eco drive models are very reliable and for the...
I do as well for seasons at a time. I would never let any of my heavier leathers hang for years though.......
I love my frees too and have worn only free stuff for the past 3 years. My frees have been relegated to work only after wearing my Lunar1 flyknit multis though. I actually just bought an electric green pair as well. They're the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.
I never match my RX frames and sunglasses with my outfits...............I match the color to my hair and complexion......Olive frames sound awesome on the right skin/hair combo though.I wear Oliver Peoples x NDG for RX and Salt Terry for sunglasses. OP and Salt are definitely my two favorite frame makers. I've owned some good stuff from Selima as well, but it got overhyped with Ryan Gosling wearing them.
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