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I love my frees too and have worn only free stuff for the past 3 years. My frees have been relegated to work only after wearing my Lunar1 flyknit multis though. I actually just bought an electric green pair as well. They're the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.
I never match my RX frames and sunglasses with my outfits...............I match the color to my hair and complexion......Olive frames sound awesome on the right skin/hair combo though.I wear Oliver Peoples x NDG for RX and Salt Terry for sunglasses. OP and Salt are definitely my two favorite frame makers. I've owned some good stuff from Selima as well, but it got overhyped with Ryan Gosling wearing them.
Margiela cotton/silk cream cardigan in size large- $130 i picked it up originally but didn't like the way it fit me. size large was huge on me and I'm a 42" chest. http://www.yoox.com/us/39328225GT/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80
Some good stuff in here, GLWS man
Working 40 hours a week/taking 16 credits of upper level sciences in a summer semester just absolutely annihilated me. Just finished up last week, thank God that's over. Get an entire 10 days before starting fall semester next Wednesday I'm trying to beef up the resume prior to med school apps next June. I keep telling myself it will eventually be worth it, haha.
Well first off, this is purely my opinion based on what I've come to like and realize works best for me, so take it how you please. When I'm saying 'hard' and 'soft', I don't literally mean the leather itself, I'm referring more to the way the boot is structured. Guidi's are floppy and and just give off a 'softer' vibe to me. I've said this before, but NicelyNice is a perfect example of Guidi done right.^Those Augusta's I posted a few posts back are an example of what I'm...
Jet- if you want to do some searching (although I'm assuming you probably don't ) I've seen a lot of good deals on Junhashimoto S23's on YahooJP over the past few months. That's DEFINITELY what I'd be getting if Carpe fit my foot well. Seen a lot of pairs go for around $400 or so. They of course come in black, as well as smooth and reversed leathers.
Andrew- Bottega footwear is legit, not talked about much in here, but I can definitely vouch for their quality for the aesthetic they cater to. I really like Bottega moccasins. I'm not saying drop 2k, I've never ever dropped that and I've owned 10+ pairs of 'baller' footwear. You can be patient and get Augusta/Layer-0/MA+ for around $1k. My problem with Marsell/Guidi is upon wearing, it's just not the aesthetic I want. They are both nice boots and look great on the...
fahk id get this if it were a size 5. good price, glws:slayer:
Andrew do you have use for both right now? Your money, but I know I've owned derbies before and didn't get that much use out of them. Perhaps start with just a pair of boots and go from there? or combine funds and get one awesome pair of boots
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