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Dirty mirror, low quality pic before morning lab [[SPOILER]] Non-baller details [[SPOILER]] Timepiece [[SPOILER]] Sleepy puppy [[SPOILER]] *To those who asked, I promise I'll post pics with my 'nicer' stuff later into fall when I'm actually wearing most of it. It's still too hot and humid in Florida.
i boguht a pair of boots second hand that had it and disliked the way it felt. i only vibram nowadays.
wore my navy yard shorts in 100% wool today, def loving these for the price I got them. opening ceremony's sale with the additional 20% had ss at really good prices.
Collateral puts out some legit shit.
Believe the LO hype. Quick pic and then they're back on my feet:
Cheaper to go with PNP if I'm not mistaken....
Some of my recent pick ups: to finish out summer.... SS and for Fall.... VA Layer 0
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