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Upgraded the bathroom
Brand new, complete with papers, bag, receipt, everything pictured. This wallet retails for 190GBP/$300USD new. There's SO many fake MCM products on the internet, make sure you're getting the real thing by purchasing from me.
1. Pocket square is optional anyways, some guys don't even like them. 2. You can certainly 'get away' with not showing cuff, and 90% of people wouldnt even care/notice. but if you want to get technical, that's ill fitting and needs to be tailored, cuff should always be showing (assuming we're talking about 'normal' dress wear).
^Exactly Idk what the sole is like on the bottom of your shoes though. Are they true slippers with the bottoms being like the soft leather uppers? If so your options are limited.
I needed something serious for German winter, couldn't think of anything better. They definitely don't float everyone's boat though
Haha, love em
You don't want to use a lot of products on brands like that. People are on here are wayyyyyyyyy to happy about the leather products, it's unnecessary. Especially with boots, blows my mind.For your shoes, it's in the same realm as stuff like Layer 0, Guidi, etc etc and are meant to look a little rugged. Brush them down from time to time with a horse hair brush and use Saphir Renovateur once a year. That's what I've always done. That's it, nothing more, over applying...
US prices are ridiculous. Get measurements and use a proxy to orders straight from Japan.Most Japanese listings have measurements.
Def buy for the wife, even if not mad. 1. She has cool shit she'll wear (and you undeniably enjoy seeing) 2. It always pays itself back, at least in my experience.
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