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You don't want to use a lot of products on brands like that. People are on here are wayyyyyyyyy to happy about the leather products, it's unnecessary. Especially with boots, blows my mind.For your shoes, it's in the same realm as stuff like Layer 0, Guidi, etc etc and are meant to look a little rugged. Brush them down from time to time with a horse hair brush and use Saphir Renovateur once a year. That's what I've always done. That's it, nothing more, over applying...
US prices are ridiculous. Get measurements and use a proxy to orders straight from Japan.Most Japanese listings have measurements.
Def buy for the wife, even if not mad. 1. She has cool shit she'll wear (and you undeniably enjoy seeing) 2. It always pays itself back, at least in my experience.
Recent pickups....,,, Postalco: Filson: Nice Collective: Rimowa: Tom Ford:
Got a pair of the OG collab ones I'm letting go. Size 8.5 black nubuck, almost like new. @LA Guy If this isn't allowed, edit out my comment or delete it. I didn't know if it would be okay or not since a lot of guys seem to be lurking for a pair.
Thighs definitely stretched on my PNS if that helps any. They were very constricting, after a couple months I can now move freely.
Self explanatory, these are the OG Wings + Horns black nubuck service boots. This is the best model produced in my opinion and the quality is way better than what Dayton is producing now. They have been worn TWICE and that's it. You'll probably never find another pair in this new of condition. Original price was $800. They are size 8.5 which can accommodate anywhere from a 9-10 depending on insole being used. Most agree that these definitely run large.
Price dropped to 50% of retail
I own this same bag, but the two wheel version like your first picture. Best suitcase in the world, so nice.
Brand new, complete with papers, bag, receipt, everything pictured. This wallet retails for 190GBP/$300USD new. There's SO many fake MCM products on the internet, make sure you're getting the real thing by purchasing from me.
New Posts  All Forums: