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The only thing I'm worried about is it being super wide at waist. i've had a couple pieces from SS in the past that were pretty large in waist for size VII..........i'm only 30" true waist and 34" down on hips. it makes for a funky look to be slightly fitted around arms/shoulder/chest but then slouchy around midsection and bottom opening. hmmmmmmmm
Anybody have this cardigan from SS13 and care to comment on sizing? I dunno if I'm a VI or VII in this one (true 42).
no problem! yeah, just add some info on sizing/pics on here if you don't mind
I told you that fabric is awesome
Those are dope Reg, perfect with that white linen Margiela swag.
lol no joke, me too.sleeves are always short on my because my shoulders are so wide.j, if you got somebody that can pull legit fabric we need to get some tees made up. entire line isn't even necessary. if we're talking like $100-$150 a tee (is this where you'd be?), we wouldn't need that many to make it worth his or her time either. lmk if this is any type of real possibility.
Damn Nam, 3x excited huh?
Speaking of Hashimotos, ENJOY Black S23 sz 43 29,900yen http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e138702793 Green S21 sz 42 25,000yen http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m108399408 Black S25 sz 42 26,820yen http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g128599149
No, I totally agree in most instances. I was thinking he could compare with his Carpe outsole though as it would have to be fairly close...ALSOCan somebody clarify for me....so Junhashimoto was part of WJK, then he left to make the label Junhashimoto correct?
Jet- Size 43 Hashimoto's have about a 31.5cm outsole. That too small? I've never seen size 44s pop up...Yup, that's why I explicitly stated it was just my opinion. I have nothing 'bad' to say about Guidi product, it just doesn't work for my style though. If it works with your aesthetic it's a great product at a good price.
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