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My body fat drifts into high single digits, yeah.... 42" chest at 175 is nothing crazy at all if you're in really good shape or an athlete. Most fitness models are around that weight and 40-42" chest....... I've actually bought two different jackets from Kunk lolol. Our body types are way different. Across, he would measure smaller than me but thicker front to back. I don't want to derail this thread further though.
I had the olives before, loved them w Denim. I always wanted the blacks though as most of my bottoms tend to be that color.Here's some size 11's, fantastic shape, $199.99, $299 BINhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Nice-Collective-Army-Combat-Boots-Size-11-Great-Condition-800-Retail-/181893227448?hash=item2a59ae63b8
Lol, no, you're waaaaay off. I'm 6' 175 and I'm a 52 top, 32 bottom, so drop 10. I've got friends at 6'1/6'2 & 200 like Doc and they're legit 56, monsters. No way they'd ever fit into anything CCP.@docdocgs some designers just aren't made for certain people and this is one. Even myself at 52, I tried on some '52' stuff and no way was that happening with my broad shoulders and frame. Don't waste your time and money, once you exceed a 44" chest, a lot of designer shit is out.
I got a steal on eBay. My size is true 9 Brannock, 10 nike, 42 CPs, blah, blah and I take a 9 in these. I owned a 8 (that I bought from Eck forever ago) and could only wear those without the insole, had to sell them and get 9's. Don't pass over them just because they're not normal 'baller' boot brand. These are super, super legit in my opinion, handmade in Pennsylvania (if you're a fan of combat style boots and like the aesthetic) and are the most comfortable boots I've...
I got them brand new for $200, so I loved the price tag
Finally picked up another pair of these from N.I.C.E. Collective, but in black. May not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love them. They're built like a tank.
This is actually a second pair I bought of the same model/color. Only tried on for literally one minute, very light markings on bottom. The bottom white sole picks up everything. These are still $120 + tax in stores.
Practically all chiropractic facilities are a joke, slinging all kinds of snake oil that schmucks fall for. Seriously, make a '1st' appointment and 1/2 of them will attempt to tell you something about how one of your legs is longer than the other, yet they can fix it with their in house products. Lol it's unreal how common that 'diagnosis' is and people buy it. @englade321 I fully agree with you saying only you can keep yourself well. However, in regards to PTs, the...
I love my Filson and carry it everywhere I go. I'm never in a suit/tie environment and it's a perfect size for my needs. Despite carrying everyday, it literally looks the same as when I bought it new
I used to have a slit neck henley from MMM. Wore it for 2-3 years and probably had 50+ washes on it (come to think of it was one of my favorite shirts). Maintained the exact same shape, no loose stitching and the fabric retained its soft feel. Practically like I bought it as new. Granted it's only one piece, but I was definitely content with the $ spent.
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