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I like my cotton trunks from H&M
........or you could just wear them. Lol, they look better beat up.
@skeen7908 What you have to take into consideration, is that NicelyNice's 'look' is specific to his size. You don't get that 'fitted' look when you lift and are 52+ (or I'll say very rarely). My skinny asian friend makes me jealous with his ability to pull off Julius, or a MMM 5 zip. Shit looks retarded on me.
I'd try without the fernet and add a citrus twist.
That rum variation is a different beast altogether with the sweetness from rum/vermouth combo, looks appealing. 100% agree with you that the negroni is a fantastic cocktail. During my time as a bartender, I really started to delve into gin-based cocktails. Prior to that, I had always thought gin was overpowering and 'piney tasting'. I soon realized that it's actually one of the best spirits with amazing versatility and a lot of flavor variety across brands.However, my...
^Haha @notwithit, I wear those AA henleys almost every day in the fall/winter. Definitely agree about the fit, they're so good. I have a huge issue with a lot of garments ballooning out at the lower half due to my drop & broad shoulders, those hug tight. If you're being serious about finding somebody to replicate better......... keep me in the loop. I would definitely pick up a fair amount to help with any minimum order req.
Honestly it sort of baffled me too. I loved my L0 combats, great leather, great aesthetic and seemed super solid. Concluding a night of bar hopping with friends one night, when all of the sudden like 1" of heel stack (is this the right terminology?) came off. Hobbled 20 blocks back to my friends house walking on my toe as of course I couldn't find a cab The Firm was the shit though, I don't know if people are still using them for stuff. I swung in about noon, they had...
Honestly, I didn't even think it was that much.Thanks for the info
To me though, Guidi gives off somewhat a 'soft' appearance. Not to mention I think the toebox is funky on a lot of models. I really liked their derbies, but I let my boots go because they just didn't fit the aesthetic I enjoyed. I was thinking more of a designer who just churned out somewhat of a basic lace combat, like CD S23's and maybe one other basic design in different colors and materials at like a $1k price point. I'm just thinking out loud though. Something like...
Absolutely, I completely agree. I was more responding to Sinned saying '$200 is reasonable' as it's open to interpretation what justifies a 'reasonable' price point. Don't get me wrong, I've loved my artisinal boots I've owned, but I always bought on steep discount. I think some people (speaking of nobody in particular) sort of get caught up in the 'baller boot' mentality of 'they're $2000 so they must be indestructible and have amazing construction/materials.'...
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