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Brand new, complete with papers, bag, receipt, everything pictured. This wallet retails for 190GBP/$300USD new. There's SO many fake MCM products on the internet, make sure you're getting the real thing by purchasing from me.
Selling these for a friend, he bought them brand new for $445 with tax at Barneys. He just has too many pair of footwear.
They're both XL but SNS can of course accommodate a large with their sizing
Brand new and never worn. $70
$80 for sweater $160 for other
@fireflygrave Some people might say it's overkill for a Saz, but I think it's just right. Don't blow $ on St. George, idk why it's so popular, should be like $15-$20.
I like my cotton trunks from H&M
........or you could just wear them. Lol, they look better beat up.
@skeen7908 What you have to take into consideration, is that NicelyNice's 'look' is specific to his size. You don't get that 'fitted' look when you lift and are 52+ (or I'll say very rarely). My skinny asian friend makes me jealous with his ability to pull off Julius, or a MMM 5 zip. Shit looks retarded on me.
I'd try without the fernet and add a citrus twist.
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