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They look like a flat sole version of my lady's old MMM tabi boots. I don't recall them putting out a model like that though. They're probably just some no name martial art boots which that style was created for in the first place if I'm not mistaken.
Looks fantastic NN. That picture just reminds me of how Layer 0 is so underrated and for some reason doesn't bring the same resell as others. My lace work boots I had from them were my favorite boots I've ever owned.
Lol the subject of who ripped off who still comes up in this thread? Jeez, I remember this from years ago 😂😂😂😂😂
Yeah, completely right, overshot my estimates.Hell, now that I think about it I've modeled numerous times for a few different boutiques in exchange for clothing as payment. I thought it was a fantastic deal (as long as one meshes with the style of said boutique).
To me they most resemble the popular Wings + Horns service boot, but they're definitely not.
I don't think it's a dumb question at all. Yes, if you have seen and felt a piece that you're set on, a look book won't make a difference. However, antsy buyers (usually with an urge to burn a hole in their wallet) are shmoozed all the time into buying stuff just because the pictures look good.I definitely agree it's as stated above, you're talking a much greater sum than $500. Day rate of a decently experienced male catalog model is going to run you like $1-$3k alone.
Long time no talk gentleman...... What was the general consensus of 10sei0tto footwear? Up to standard or overpriced?
Overall in very good used condition. Tagged size is 31 x 32. These retailed for $75 new.
All of these are brand new with tags still attached. This lot retailed for $250 new.
All of these had tags took off but have just been sitting in my closet. This lot retailed for $350 new.
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