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My current Nike family says hello
The majority of the stuff I sell nowadays is actually for my roommates/friends. I keep pretty much everything I buy for myself nowadays.............learned the hard way and lost a lot of $$$ though Anywho, these are great boots..........I don't really do the whole 'workwear' vibe, but I needed a solid tan/brown boot and these fit the bill perfectly. I don't have a 'normal' 877 to compare it to directly but the oro-legacy leather is VERY nice in person.
Had the camera out for another thread so I figured I'd throw up my Zammmmy goooodnesss 9ft linen scarf and Z1 standards... Minimalist J pant and Henrikkson hoodie A couple things I thought I'd share to add to the thread and help potentially answer questions. 1. I'm pretty athletic and Z's pants are great for me in the top block. If you're rail skinny you may not like it........ but if you run/lift and have trouble with other 'SZ' brands.....Zam's...
Title says all.....this is the model that just came out with the awesome oro-legacy leather. Retails for $280.......they're brand new in box, 1st quality.....I just got two different sizes and this is the one I'm not keeping. Price is non-negotiable, it's what I paid, I'll just send them back otherwise. Wanted to see if any of you guys wanted them first! *Pic shown is of mine.....the size 8's are still sitting in their box ready to be shipped **I'M ONLY KEEPING THIS UP...
Here's a quick shot of the new 877 as I know some were wondering. The color is awesome IMO and was exactly what I was looking for in my 'beat to s***' boots BTW.....I got an 8.5D and an 8D. I'm keeping the 8.5D. If anybody wants the 8D for the $210 that I paid I'll give you the exact same price. They are brand new in box, 1st quality, retail for $280 right now. Let me know, as otherwise they're going back tomorrow morning.
Moma boots, new with box, size 41, in a brown reverse leather. Retailed for about $450. Measures approximately 30.5cm on the outsole, should fit a 41-42. I have owned Augusta, Carpe, CCP, etc.........and for the price these can't be beat. Comes with an extra pair of thinner laces.
60 degrees and I have a winter coat on. I'm ridiculous too
You know you're hot as fuhhhh in that homie. I'd be dying in that and you're more south than me
Will do! They should be in like Monday or Tuesday.
anybody got pics of the new oro-legacy 875 and 877? not just pulled from the internet but actually in person? just ordered a pair and seeing so many different color tones online. thanks
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