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Black shearling featuring an oversize collar, zip front closure, rib knit panels up the sleeves and zip closures at the cuff. The shell is 100% lamb leather with 100% cotton contrast. This is an amazing jacket that has fantastic detailing and great quality. This was $1800 at SSense where it sold out at full retail price. The collar can be worn up or down as shown. Jacket has been worn only three times and is in fantastic condition! The pit to pit measures approximately...
Cuz I'd be getting the misses to throw down the plastic, hahahaha.Don't be sad
How are the quality of Jil bags nowadays? More specifically the female bags? My girl has owned a few shoes with no issues whatsoever, was curious about the handbags though. She's finding some good deals that are seemingly hard to beat for the 'sleek, simple' bags she's looking for, but she also didn't want to drop a few hundred or more on something that will be rendered useless in half a year. Thanks in advance!
Don't say that and get my hopes up E. It will probably end up with too many brown hues, or in some funky leather like culatta, or something else I can nitpick about I had actually starting eyeing Layer-0 pretty hard. I've still got faith left in good ol' Augusta though.
Ok, let me rephrase, a 'higher shafted' work boot like that of the Z9. See, I 100% agree that those^ look great, however they're too short for what I'm wanting I feel the Z9 height offers the best versatility between if you want to tuck buttoms or leave them untucked. I like everything else about them but that.
^and yet he still never replicated (to perfection) the Oiled Horse Z9 that was exclusive to Atelier a few years back. I still think that is the best lace up ever made I can fully appreciate the depth of his collections, however I feel practically every season I'm let down that there is not a supple work boot in its simplest form. I always feel there is something 'quirky' in every work boot offering. Either something added like a treatment, or perhaps a change in shape, or...
I just want some 52 love
Boots are the 986 model, new in box, black reverse calf, size 44 and lined. Price- $650 Approximate Measurements: Outsole Length-30.5cm Outsole Width-10.75cm
Derbies are the 992 model, new with box and extra laces, black kangaroo, size 44 and lined. Price- $650 Approximate Measurements: Outsole Length-30cm Outsole Width-10.5cm
New Posts  All Forums: