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'wind-walkers' hahaha
You get first dibs, but anything you pass on, send them my way homie. I've picked up some Plokhov and Geller pieces that certain Cloak stuff could mesh well with. I'm pretty much the exact same size-wise except I haven't seen any size large pieces I could wear. thanks
then be realistic with your price, 'idiot.' someone would definitely assume you'd pay $450 for a pair with your current WTB.
yea, but the problem is finding the XL lol. they're all s and m. i see large pop up every now and then though.
if it was a 5 i would have bought it. love that piece.
Anybody have any pics of 'worn in' layer 0s?
if i'm 33" where i wear my pants with an athletic bottom half.....should i get a 48 or 50 in the ss13 cropped flight? thanks guys
Edit-nvm read previous post
nicely you seem like you would be cool to hang out with in person.
damnit glws buddy. these are seriously some of the best Simone has put out imo. i love them.
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