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I have listed below in order of pictures, followed by the condition (most are new). The Bar III all retailed for $50 and Brooks Brothers was $80 for a lot total of $880. *I used flash in the pictures so they appear a little brighter and vivid than they are in person. Bar III Navy w/ Square Pattern, New Bar III Red Houndstooth, New Bar III Black/Grey Diagonal Stripe, New Bar III Blue Checkered, New Bar III Maroon Square Pattern, New Bar III Purple Checkered, New Bar III...
These were $150, size 32 and fits true in my opinion. The color looks almost like black denim.
Have worn this off and on this year, still has plenty of life left. This model retails for $100 on AE's website, is 35mm wide.
Read bodhi seed, not some cheap mass-made imitation you buy in stores, this one is actually handmade in Nepal. I have only owned this ONE week. This mala is $100 plus shipping at Dharmashop.com where I bought it.
Lot of three tank tops, all new and never worn. Should be good for a 42-44 in my opinion.
These are extremely hard to find nowadays and were a limited edition run of 35 done with Street Etiquette. They are a size US 10. The bottoms need resoling, however they still have life left. Awesome pair of shoes for spring/summer. I have no problem holding onto these, just seeing if there's any interest. *Shoe trees aren't included.
These retailed for $50ea/$400 for the lot.
Never even used this, retailed for $225 at Saks. Made in Italy, 100% cotton.
The buttons are brown wood, thanks!
Used this the past 3 months, no rips/tears and zippers work great. This model is $55 in stores right now.
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