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I just bought these, SS13 Cordovan Model 10-28. Will post my own pics upon arrival.
jet, elborate on not too high. you want ankle like or 5 hole, s23m carpe like? don't get Guidi, it's not structured enough for your swag. and throw a $ out, you want to spend $500 or $1k?
Just a heads up fellas, got a new pair of Moma lace boots, sz 41 in classifieds right now. I know a lot of you are always looking for boots like in the baller boot thread but at a much cheaper price, well here ya go. *If anybody wants me to take this down I will no problem, I just know a lot of guys are always looking for this style. and to add something to the thread......I've owned a large majority of the brands in the baller boot thread and Moma is definitely the...
just email Zam directly. a lot of things aren't updated on the website/he has other random things laying around he may think of in your size.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/1520-Rare-A1923-AUGUSTA-MII-Black-Double-Horse-Lace-Up-Leather-Shoes-Sz-40-7-/221264633363?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3384665e13 i love these augusta derbies. no telling what they will go for, potential great deal for anybody small. SIZE 40s?!?!?
No Jet approvallllllllll????? Haha, naw man, they're good for what I needed them for, pretty much a bad weather boot. I got a pair of navy suede tassel loafs today to make up for it
^Yeah, I was also very happy there was no exterior red wing stamp, forgot to mention that. and yeah, just to reiterate, the 'orangey' hue is at a minimum in real life. That was my exact worry upon ordering.
The vintage British cotton from SS13.
This is everywhere and could be said for many, many things. You are going to be a very lonely guy if you're trying to isolate yourself from anything associated with wealth.In regards to the Rollie,............."even people who know nothing about watches know what a Rolex is". There definitely is that correlation........a lot of people I know even consider it an accomplishment to 'be able to afford your first Rolex'. At the end of the day though, the sub is a solid watch...
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