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Have worn this off and on this year, still has plenty of life left. This model retails for $100 on AE's website, is 35mm wide.
Read bodhi seed, not some cheap mass-made imitation you buy in stores, this one is actually handmade in Nepal. I have only owned this ONE week. This mala is $100 plus shipping at Dharmashop.com where I bought it.
Lot of three tank tops, all new and never worn. Should be good for a 42-44 in my opinion.
These are extremely hard to find nowadays and were a limited edition run of 35 done with Street Etiquette. They are a size US 10. The bottoms need resoling, however they still have life left. Awesome pair of shoes for spring/summer. I have no problem holding onto these, just seeing if there's any interest. *Shoe trees aren't included.
These retailed for $50ea/$400 for the lot.
Never even used this, retailed for $225 at Saks. Made in Italy, 100% cotton.
The buttons are brown wood, thanks!
Used this the past 3 months, no rips/tears and zippers work great. This model is $55 in stores right now.
Only have owned these for about a month. Retailed for $365
Cardigan is brand new and cost $325. Has brown wood colored buttons on the front, reminds me of SNS Herning type sweaters. Should be good for about a 42.
New Posts  All Forums: