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You know you're hot as fuhhhh in that homie. I'd be dying in that and you're more south than me
Will do! They should be in like Monday or Tuesday.
anybody got pics of the new oro-legacy 875 and 877? not just pulled from the internet but actually in person? just ordered a pair and seeing so many different color tones online. thanks
I can first hand.......Cloud is softer, more luxurious feeling and I personally like it better. It's a great piece. Fit is about the same, I hover around a 42" chest and I wear an XL in the Cloud comfortable, not tight whatsoever.
Recently picked these up.............only selling as I'm going on vacation here shortly and could use the funds. Worn exactly one time. Comes complete with box/dustbags. Price- $180 net to me
Haha, I guess you don't want to sell it to me then, ok.
Not sure about their shoes, but I have a Svensson 'cloud' knit cardigan and it's fantastic. Nicer than my stark IMO.
My dog is so ridiculously hard to train It's a constant struggle every day it seems. She's a Thai Ridgeback, one of the most primitive breeds remaining. I've had her since January, still trying every day to get her to be completely obedient. More of a rant than anything, I feel like she's spiting me right now as if she knows I'm talking about her Grr
Yeah they're new, got as a gift...........I've been embracing a lot of looser stuff but I figured I'd give these a shot to stretch out. Pulling around top block a good bit but they're only two wears in. Was headed out to a grungy UF bar though, so it was whatever I need to post more fits, I'm just too lazy to ever snap pics before heading out. *and yeah, my girl's footwear collection is awesome. Those Ingelmo's are one of my favorites though, look so awesome in person.
Grabbed some shots before going out last night. Too hot in FL for anything special. Angle makes my girl look taller than me, but whatever [[SPOILER]] and for any girls lurking....... [[SPOILER]]
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