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If your girl is a 35 or 35.5....... white and black Margiela GATs still in stock at Saks. http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446558894&R=8054370194878&P_name=Maison+Martin+Margiela&sid=13FCCF1A2D2B&Ntt=margiela+sneakers&N=0&bmUID=j.abr87 I had requested a 10% email code and stacked it with the free shipping code to get them for $180 tax and all.
White GATs in size 42, new and complete with original box, laces and dustbags. Were tried on in store, put back in box and have been sitting in closet since. Price-$325
Bought this brand new as a present for my brother, only to find out he already has one Got it new for $105, trying to recoup as much of my funds as possible. It is brand new. Same one found here: http://www.tannergoods.com/collections/belts-1/products/standard-belt-natural-stainless Price-$80 NET to me. Price is firm.
as somebody else said, they will be a different shoe. they shrink and the entire shoe felt different to me after I washed a pair of flyknit racers i had. it was horrible. my advice is to not do this whatsoever in the washing machine.
bumping this back up, still looking for these.....
pm'd you
Grey suede chukka in size 41, includes original dustbag. Light wear and surface marks as shown, however the suede looks better and better with wear. Price-$150
Title says all, some light surface marks and wear, nothing major though. Please see pics for detail. One of the best pair of shoes for spring/summer in my opinion. All photos taken with flash. Price-$200 + shipping & fees FIRM
Forget sharpservice, they just scammed me out of $125 after I've spent A LOT of $ proxying stuff through them over the past few years. They are seriously horrible compared to how they used to be. I sent a 12,500 yen deposit this time via gift (as I have a bazillion times before no problem with Sharp) but now this time they have ignored me for over a week and won't refund it back after I lost on an auction. They 100% used to be the best in the game, really disappointing...
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