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I sort of chuckle when I see people proxying for close to $100 when Wifey is Officer in German military and gets for free Couldn't pay her to wear a pair though.........her and most others absolutely despise those shoes.
Definitely agree that just one pair of sneaks would definitely be CPs. That's actually the sole pair of baller sneakers I own right now. All white lows go with shorts, denim, everything. As an alternative, I also have always wanted to try a pair of SLP lows. Not sure about quality though.
Pretty close to myself. Summer is H&M shorts and tees..........cooler months I have one pair of raw denim, some S.N.S. Herning knits and two jackets. I practically revolve my look around super nice footwear.
Retails for $89 and is part of Nudie's current lineup. Only wore a handful of times, practically just as I bought it new a couple weeks ago.
Jacket size is 52 and pant size is 34. I picked this up to use one weekend but never made it to the occasion. Modern cut, 2 button with double vents, this suit is extremely versatile.
New without tags, have just been sitting in my closet. Has belt loops, two side pockets and a rear pocket. Current retail on this model is $140.
All of these are either new or in excellent condition wore 1-2x. Picture 1- H&M Black, H&M White, American Apparel 'Sustainable Edition' White, H&M Black Picture 2- Uniqlo Supima Green/Blue, Uniqlo Supima Black, Uniqlo Supima Blue, Uniqlo White (NOT INCLUDED), Uniqlo Supima Black
the newest ones. Just cleaned them up actually:
Reg still killing it with MMM head to toe. How you stand that in this FL heat man?
I love that wifey doesn't wear designer goods and has a low key, minimalistic aesthetic. Basics from H&M, etc and will only drop money on nice shoes and outerwear. Looks legit and saves me money. Somebody asked me the exact same thing years ago when I was wearing my Julius fencing. Was so sad
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