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Collateral puts out some legit shit.
Believe the LO hype. Quick pic and then they're back on my feet:
Cheaper to go with PNP if I'm not mistaken....
Some of my recent pick ups: to finish out summer.... SS and for Fall.... VA Layer 0
It is, here's a close up of mine (w/ a ZB belt too )and added another linen scarf to the collection
The only thing I'm worried about is it being super wide at waist. i've had a couple pieces from SS in the past that were pretty large in waist for size VII..........i'm only 30" true waist and 34" down on hips. it makes for a funky look to be slightly fitted around arms/shoulder/chest but then slouchy around midsection and bottom opening. hmmmmmmmm
Anybody have this cardigan from SS13 and care to comment on sizing? I dunno if I'm a VI or VII in this one (true 42).
no problem! yeah, just add some info on sizing/pics on here if you don't mind
I told you that fabric is awesome
Those are dope Reg, perfect with that white linen Margiela swag.
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