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the newest ones. Just cleaned them up actually:
Reg still killing it with MMM head to toe. How you stand that in this FL heat man?
I love that wifey doesn't wear designer goods and has a low key, minimalistic aesthetic. Basics from H&M, etc and will only drop money on nice shoes and outerwear. Looks legit and saves me money. Somebody asked me the exact same thing years ago when I was wearing my Julius fencing. Was so sad
Been wearing the trainer 3.0s since release.......definitely the best Nikes (for workout/light running) I've ever owned. They nailed this one IMO.
edit, found answer
Be a little more specific and I believe we can answer more thoroughly. Would a 'good' price point for you be $20 or $150?
Did CP ever re-release the gum sole white achilles? Those were the favorite pair I ever owned. I think from 2010.....the non-perf ones.
Been away from SF for a bit.........want to throw some new boots into the rotation. Am I correct in assuming Tricker quality is still on point? Been a few years since I touched a pair. Thanks! *Looking a Acorn Stow UK8
Lot of EIGHTEEN mens ties. The first pictured group is all from Bar III, brand new with tags still attached. The next seven are also from Bar III and brand new, but have tags removed. The third picture includes one from Barneys New York and one from Brooks Brothers. Lastly pictured is four more from Bar III, all in great condition being used no more than a handful of times. Altogether this lot would retail for $1100. Price is $80 for the ENTIRE LOT
The multicolor is of fabric and was worn 4-5 times. The black one is reversed leather and was worn 2 times. The brown one is a punched leather design and only worn 1 time. I love all these but I need to sell to help pay tuition. They are tagged a size 90 which is a US 34, but also fit a 32 in my opinion. These belts retailed for $250 each for a lot total of $750.
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