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I love my Filson and carry it everywhere I go. I'm never in a suit/tie environment and it's a perfect size for my needs. Despite carrying everyday, it literally looks the same as when I bought it new
I used to have a slit neck henley from MMM. Wore it for 2-3 years and probably had 50+ washes on it (come to think of it was one of my favorite shirts). Maintained the exact same shape, no loose stitching and the fabric retained its soft feel. Practically like I bought it as new. Granted it's only one piece, but I was definitely content with the $ spent.
What are you looking at Coco? I feel MMM boots (at least the most recent seasons) aren't up to par quality wise if it's a design you can find elsewhere. They've always been overpriced but I feel MMM has been getting worse with some footwear. This is just my opinion though, take it how you will. GATs always seem pretty consistent though.
The general consensus has always been (for example): MMM Boots 42 CP 42 MMM 43 @LA Guy When I owned my last pair of GATs a few years ago, I actually just did a 42 as well in those. I felt they were the same as my CPs, minus a little length. Maybe I was wearing them too small.
(no affiliation) Anybody that's a 41.5, MMM mids just hit the classifieds for 85€. Look to be in good shape, great price.
@noob in 89 PCB eh? I graduated high school there
Yawnnnnnnnnnnnn, FL heat = boring
Lanvin, Balenciaga, CP, a bunch of people use Margom (sp?) soles. Definitely super legit in my opinion. It seems I can wear a pair of Achilles forever and then still sell with tread left. Since you're curious, here's a reference pic of my current pair. These have about 50-60km on them according to my iPhone. The only wear is what you see at the heel from me lazily dragging, the rest of the sole is practically as new.
LOL @ durability comments, these are sneakers that are finished once the sole is worn away. Not like you're periodically adding rubber and have to worry about the upper being 'durable'.This x10000000I've had plenty of baller sneakers and they were all comfortable. A pair of Nikes are still way better though IMO.
Picked this up to use on Labor Day but rain threw us for a loop. There's a slight blemish on the case as shown in 2nd picture, that's how I purchased it. It comes complete with a Sandisk 16GB SD card, battery charger and USB cable so you can start shooting immediately! This camera and SD card combo retails for over $200 right now at Target.
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