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To me they most resemble the popular Wings + Horns service boot, but they're definitely not.
I don't think it's a dumb question at all. Yes, if you have seen and felt a piece that you're set on, a look book won't make a difference. However, antsy buyers (usually with an urge to burn a hole in their wallet) are shmoozed all the time into buying stuff just because the pictures look good.I definitely agree it's as stated above, you're talking a much greater sum than $500. Day rate of a decently experienced male catalog model is going to run you like $1-$3k alone.
Long time no talk gentleman...... What was the general consensus of 10sei0tto footwear? Up to standard or overpriced?
Overall in very good used condition. Tagged size is 31 x 32. These retailed for $75 new.
All of these are brand new with tags still attached. This lot retailed for $250 new.
All of these had tags took off but have just been sitting in my closet. This lot retailed for $350 new.
All of these have been worn 1-3 max. This lot retailed for $200 new.
Lot of EIGHTEEN mens ties. The first pictured group is all from Bar III, brand new with tags still attached. The next seven are also from Bar III and brand new, but have tags removed. The third picture includes one from Barneys New York and one from Brooks Brothers, brand new with tags removed. Lastly pictured is four more from Bar III, all in great condition being used no more than a handful of times. Altogether this lot would retail for $1100, I'm asking a mere 15% of that!
Size is 32 and wears like other Parke & Ronen trunks. I used these ONE time with clothing on underneath for a photoshoot. This is a very rare model I've never seen for sale elsewhere. They have a denim like appearance that looks fantastic in person. Has a drawstring closure, mesh lining and a back pocket with velcro closure. These trunks retailed for almost $150 new.
Size is medium and these should be good for anywhere from a 30-32 in my opinion. These are the perfect cut for a drop crotch look while still look fitted and tapered at the hem. Has zip side pockets, back pocket and is made out of heavyweight cotton fleece that is super comfy. I wore these exactly two times and they are in excellent condition. Retailed for $150 new.
New Posts  All Forums: