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All of these had tags took off but have just been sitting in my closet. This lot retailed for $350 new.
All of these have been worn 1-3 max. This lot retailed for $200 new.
These had the tags taken off but were never used. This lot retailed for $250 new.
Size is 32 and wears like other Parke & Ronen trunks. I used these ONE time with clothing on underneath for a photoshoot. This is a very rare model I've never seen for sale elsewhere. They have a denim like appearance that looks fantastic in person. Has a drawstring closure, mesh lining and a back pocket with velcro closure. These trunks retailed for almost $150 new.
Size is medium and these should be good for anywhere from a 30-32 in my opinion. These are the perfect cut for a drop crotch look while still look fitted and tapered at the hem. Has zip side pockets, back pocket and is made out of heavyweight cotton fleece that is super comfy. I wore these exactly two times and they are in excellent condition. Retailed for $150 new.
In excellent condition, only used on one occasion. They are size small which equates to a size 7-7.5. These retailed for $80 new.
Size is 42 which equates to a UK8 or US9. These are in fantastic condition only being worn a hand full of times. These already have Topy added to the bottom to preserve soles. This is the best boot ever released by AllSaints in my opinion and are super hard to find in this condition now. I've had plenty of boots by A1923, Layer 0, Guidi, etc and for the price, these are a very solid boot. These were $350 in stores.
Size is 43 or US10. Due to the scuffing, these worked great along with my Guidi derbies in a casual sense (rolled up chinos, etc). *Shoes trees are not included.
Sweater is overall in great condition, only worn a handful of times. Tagged size is XL and the material is 55% linen 45% cotton. Retailed for $255 new at Saks Fifth Avenue.
Tagged size is a Belgium 7 which translates to an XL/42. Overall in very good condition, only wore 3 times. This shirt retailed for $200 new.
New Posts  All Forums: