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Does anyone have experience horseback riding in the Gammon's? I'm looking into them as my regular riding boot.
Good point. I guess it's time I hit that Brannock already.
Bought the Oipolloi trail oxfords in cherry in my regular size (US 10) and had to return them, they were almost a size too big. My 2p.
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker You guys rock. Where is Le Timbre on the price side? Reservations necessary? Reserations crucial (it's tiny) but I actually don't remember the price. It's nothing crazy, though. Completely reasonable and utterly amazing.
Please eat at Le Timbre. Thank me later.
They'll still bleed, even after a soak. The question is whether or not anything will get on the shoe. NYR - I've been wearing my pair of 47's for almost two years now. They just keep getting better!
Is there an official SW&D Vegas thread? I've looked around for a bit and couldn't find one. Can I start one without getting flamed?
Where can I find Quoddy in Vegas? Can I find Quoddy in Vegas?
I still can't get over the fact anyone actually paid for the Vertu.
NN - those Blazers are brilliant!
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