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Ya I think you're right. Maybe some penny loafers? Have never been a fan of slip ons... or brogues perhaps.
TOJ0 Ervell BoO tie PBJxBIG xx-013 NDC boots
If any of you guys are in Toronto my friend is making some Horween bags for the one of a kind show in March. (a big crafts market/show thing) She does this on the side so she could only buy enough horween for a few bags. She hasn't made them yet but I think they'll be messengers. Here are a few of her all leather bags.
Yea that's our couch, we just bought it and moved it since the place is 5 min walk. It was heavy so had to take breaks haha
Cool TO meet up! I wish I got an invite Lifestyle fit:
Didn't in Canada.
I'll check up here in Canada and report back.
Try club monaco, I'm not sure what the price is though.
Haha I think I've seen a bunch of varsities and a few leathers in Toronto
A friend of mine filmed a bond costume/prop/etc exhibition on his iphone and there's also a couple of thoughts from Lindy Hemming (Golden Eye to Casino Royale) about Bond's style identity.
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