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Your linked thread is absolute brilliance!
Absolute brilliance!
Yes, using the suiting fabric was my idea -- I think my tailor thought I was crazy -- but being a good tailor, he usually goes along with whatever I suggest. A good part of using suiting fabric is that the tailor usually has some small amounts of exceptional fabric; not enough for a full suit, but enough for a shirt, so I get a great price on the fabric. I've also started having him make ribbon belts out of suiting fabric. Waste not, want more.
Oh, sorry .. forgot to answer your question about cleaning .... as with all my shirts, incl cottons, I have a great front-loading washing machine with a hand-wash cycle, then hang the shirts to air dry. The wools barely need any ironing.
Thanks, Jack. And, yes, NOBD, I did come up with the idea, though the placket wrap was something I had seen on camp shirts (and pajamas) when I was a kid and the lack of the top button on opened collared shirts just made sense to me. I really like how clean the look is at the neck and collar. I have all my casual cotton shirts made the same way. Now, every time I show up at a new tailor or come across someone in the clothing business, they marvel at my buttonless collar! I...
NOBD, here are photos of some of my wool suiting casual shirts. Since I leave the collars open on casual shirts, I have them made without a top button or button hole and I have the fabric wrapped to the inside along the placket opening so that when the collar is open you aren't looking at the back of the fabric or extra seams, stitching, etc. Looks cleaner that way. Sort of like a modified camp shirt, but with a more formal, stand-up collar.
I'll take some pics this week and post.
I've had a number of casual wool shirts made out of tropical weight, very high count, suiting fabric, mainly Dormeuil and Zegna. They are extremely comfortable, drape beautifully, don't wrinkle, and always elicit some compliments. I'm in southern California most of the year and never find them too warm for wearing in the evening or on cool days. I prefer them over cotton flannel and the selection of patterns moves away from the lumberjack look and colorful checks and...
And here's two.
Hi. I'm interested, but need two posts to PM you. Here's one.
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