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If I were to get a backpack. I already have a tote/manbag and messenger.
Is there an approximate release date for the Left Field collab?
Tagged size 28 but supposed to size down at LEAST 1 on these and keep in mind they are mid-rise, so do not sit low on your hips. Measurements: Waist pulled straight: 30" Thigh at crotch: 11-11.2" Hem: 7.7" Inseam: 38" Basically it's cone mills denim put together in Japan by SDA. Unworn by me or previous owner, I purchased as a backup pair in case my Momotaros didn't stretch but they did. Don't expect to drop price much if at all. Retail is $195-200 US. Selling for...
Fit is spot on.
My bag was just finished, chose not have horsehide for the handles so keep it all the same colour after it gets wear. Not shown is the pocket along the backside to slide a newspaper in. Really happy with how it turned out.
fuck who beat me to the pea coat.
That prorsum sweater is gorgeous. I wish you were 2 sizes smaller in everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Looks a bit bright in the photos, it's more subtle in person. Also once the jean is soaked it'd be even less noticeable. Oh it's not the stiching itself, it's just putting on the inside of the pocket as opposed to the outside. PBJ does the same but I love my pair regardless.
Ha I wondered why there was a collab ad on sufu earlier but it linked to nothing. I guess this is what the ad was for. Love everything except the SF stitching.
Would fit me everywhere but the shoulders. Now that's frustrating as hell.
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