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Should we be expecting more jackets in the sub-400 range? I love my varsity but the jump up to the next coats is pretty big. :x
Quote: Originally Posted by CCG Hello, Sorry for starting my first post with a question, but I've followed this forum quite a lot as i always end up here trough google results Anyway; i was wondering if someone knows another brand that has similar jeans' as the Number (N)ine one that Jude L is wearing on these pics? I'm looking for the same fit and color (waxed?) if possible or one that resembles the most with the jeans on the pics...
That's a great vest. Wish everything was a bit smaller so I could have my way with this topic.
Been getting crazy amounts of compliments on my wv. I was shopping in downtown Ottawa on boxing day and had 2 different people ask me if the jacket was ToJ. Was not expecting that at all.
Opened my winter varsity sitting under the Christmas tree. Best gift ever.
Cuff straight 33-34 inseam, stack 35+ tapered.
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler Loopwheeled stuff isn't cheap, unfortunately. If you are asking about sweatshirts, Samurai and Nike also make them, but they all cost a little over $200 retail in North America. BiG has the Samurais, the Nike Store has the Nike brand ones. If you are looking for t-shirts, they are cheaper than sweatshirts, but they still go for $80-$90 a pop. Flat Head makes some nice ones, and Self Edge carries...
Anyone know the cheapest way to get loopwheeled shirts in North America? Or a location to get them from? Joe McCoy is really expensive and don't like much of SDA's designs.
Man, I just bought 2 ToJ pieces. Krane is the only jacket maker that could make me regret a ToJ purchase.
I've seen citrus ones on superfuture. One guy had two pairs, 28/29 or 29/30 I can't remember and I don't think they sold. Search in their market section.
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