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Only thing stopping me is I have a navy wv and navy w+h m65 which I both wear regularly... I think I need some variety. Looks sick though.
Definitely too big on you. And it doesn't look like you need to add 1.5.
Yeah I can't see even XL fitting you. Your best bet would be random samples in bigger sizes, lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 Both of those fits are awesome. Agreed. Two of my favourites for a while.
Awesome. More elaborate than I like but well done.
Way too tight in the top block.
Combings looking real nice. Looks like they will start to really break in a couple more months.
One and only price drop. Otherwise, goes in my keep pile to be my next pair.
Should we be expecting more jackets in the sub-400 range? I love my varsity but the jump up to the next coats is pretty big. :x
Quote: Originally Posted by CCG Hello, Sorry for starting my first post with a question, but I've followed this forum quite a lot as i always end up here trough google results Anyway; i was wondering if someone knows another brand that has similar jeans' as the Number (N)ine one that Jude L is wearing on these pics? I'm looking for the same fit and color (waxed?) if possible or one that resembles the most with the jeans on the pics...
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