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Ah I would definitely buy a ToJ raincoat as the guy above me just said^
I was looking away from leather things, I wouldn't find seeing a ToJ take on a collegiate jacket, mac, hunting jacket, etc. in some cotton or tech fabrics. But again I have no idea what you would actually want to make and availability of materials. Already got a leather and wv from you guys, I would like a toj piece for each season.
Hey drew we going to seeing anything new in the lower (300ish) price range? I don't mind shelling out a ton for a winter jacket but I like some Spring swagger to come on the cheap.
Some nice stuff, you got me excited when I saw undercover knit jacket but it wasn't the grail 09 piece.
Yeah you're right, just the p2p seems smaller for a 48ish. Well whoever has long arms and and bigger shoulders is going to get a nice jacket. I wish I noticed the intial sample sale post though, seems like there was one in my size. :/
So is it basically a 46 with the shoulders of a 47/48? It seems a little weird.
Can't post that you're asking for offers. Have to set a price or take it down. At least price it higher than you expect for it if you really want offers.
Looking to trade my momotaro 0701 in size 29 (barely 3 days wear) for a size 30 in the same model or other momotaro.
Quote: Originally Posted by stick Cracked pepper duffle just showed up here at work. Awesome as hell. Nowhere good to take pics, and all I've got is a camera phone, so good pics will have to wait until this weekend or something, but there's waaaay too little duffle love so here's some shitastic pics. 6'1", 180lbs, size medium, stock body length, 27" sleeves. Looks good. I was confused at first cause I thought you had crippled hands or...
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