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Ah I would definitely buy a ToJ raincoat as the guy above me just said^
I was looking away from leather things, I wouldn't find seeing a ToJ take on a collegiate jacket, mac, hunting jacket, etc. in some cotton or tech fabrics. But again I have no idea what you would actually want to make and availability of materials. Already got a leather and wv from you guys, I would like a toj piece for each season.
Hey drew we going to seeing anything new in the lower (300ish) price range? I don't mind shelling out a ton for a winter jacket but I like some Spring swagger to come on the cheap.
Some nice stuff, you got me excited when I saw undercover knit jacket but it wasn't the grail 09 piece.
Yeah you're right, just the p2p seems smaller for a 48ish. Well whoever has long arms and and bigger shoulders is going to get a nice jacket. I wish I noticed the intial sample sale post though, seems like there was one in my size. :/
So is it basically a 46 with the shoulders of a 47/48? It seems a little weird.
Uh the chambray links don't go the right products and the scarf links are all dead ends. Regardless of that... how does a chambray scarf feel? It seems like a strange material for a scarf.
Can't post that you're asking for offers. Have to set a price or take it down. At least price it higher than you expect for it if you really want offers.
Looking to trade my momotaro 0701 in size 29 (barely 3 days wear) for a size 30 in the same model or other momotaro.
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