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Awesome, thanks for the help.
So I could end up making them a straight-leg that would look normal?
Can a bootcut jean be tapered? Or is that a stupid question? I found a pair with a wash I liked but they were bootcut and looked a little dumb at the bottom with my sneakers.
Possible to get a fit pic on the jeans? I'm a 29' waist exactly, 5'11'', 145 pounds, skinny legs, so I'm just worried about bagginess.
Alright I can already see that raw may not be for me. I wasn't planning on machine drying since I prefer to hang stuff to dry anyway but the big thing is I don't want to ruin any furniture or clothing with dye. Can you guys recommend some jeans that aren't raw but have the fit of APC NS or N&F weird guy?
My first post after skimming the site for a little while! I'm wondering what people think about giving raw jeans a wash (not just soak) before wearing them to get rid of some indigo. I like the fits of some Naked & Famous and APCs I've tried on but I don't really want the indigo coming off excessively on my clothes (or my girlfriend's who wears a lot of white). I don't care that much about not having intense fading since I'll be getting either of these brands for the...
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