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I guess it depends what you consider slim fit or 'classic' fit. 501 is a loose cut on most people, it could just be that you're used to Lee/random brand which tend to be even looser (baggy, basically). If they don't look like they're painted on in the thighs, they're probably fine.
Go with Momos or PBJ if you want closer to NS. The sams and Tender are both looser. And the tender back pockets especially aren't very flattering.
Eh, 9 week wait. Would have preferred the 4 weeks they told me initially but its understandable.
Oh sick I was waiting on the ma-1, put me down for one. I was going to post a couple hours ago asking if the anniversary was coming along any time soon so I could decide on current/future purchases.
Ordered about a week before the sale actually went live and no update yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one came back from the CCP exhibit at Lift Etage just now, they had a bunch of CCP leathers. Unimpressed. My girlfriend had no idea they were like $10K. Unimpressed with design, quality or quality/price ratio? Or just in general?
About as good as you could ask for.
Quote: Originally Posted by Knisse Someone with Dior experience please help me out. If i a 19cm is a bit tight in thigh - nothing painted on - just a little tight. Would 17,5cm be unwearable? The reason i might be able to get me a good deal of a 17,5cm but if its going to look stupid whats the point. Cheers. 17.5 is about 1.5-2 inches smaller in the thigh than 19. It would look painted on.
Everything is sold, can't edit original post.
Quote: Originally Posted by epilepc Jeans for summer--raw selvage? or washed... Can anyone recommend selvage jeans <$100? I see gap but I'm waiting for a sale; I don't like UO unbranded. Uniqlo
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