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He refunded my paypal payment but the tracking number he sent me for my jeans says its going to Surrey BC and I live in Toronto. And I can't contact him because he's banned. Edit: Got in contact with me, it appears to just be a mix up of tracking numbers. Edit 2: Pants returned today, in same condition I sent. So I got refunded and jeans sent back to me.
ya looks like shit. diors are not for you.
Opinions between navy/beige, navy/camel and jason bourne colourways? I'm going to order one within the next week or two and this decision seriously feels impossible. I love the beige colour on this gant rugger varsity but it appears the one with ToJ is lighter and the camel is darker...
Told me he is waiting on what his lawyer tells him before he refunds me. I don't really know what that means after he refunded someone today though, but I'm not going to push the issue for a few days most likely.
Who else makes Junya-like pieces without Junya prices? I like the whole leather elbow patches on everything deal. Thanks
View isn't skewed, most definitely true.
Looks alright, hard to tell. Kind of makes you look like you have a gut, though. Sizing up would definitely be a mistake though.
Quote: Originally Posted by bearlydavid How is that fair??? He offered to send the money and pants back and you refused??? I just wanted to give me two cents. A2 was a great transaction and my item was shipped promptly and quickly. Well after he sent me a dummy shipping number, I don't trust my item will actually come back. I'm already losing the $15 it cost me to ship them for a trade that was never going to happen. And considering he sent...
Traded him money + w+h for dior clawmarks. Sent me a bad shipping number. He PM'd me last night saying if it was alright if he refunded me the money and shipped me the pants. I said I didn't trust his shipping methods and asked for actual payment for them. Haven't heard back yet. Will let you guys know.
Sent him a PM, hopefully it works out for me as well. I basically get things on this site by selling things I own and replacing them with new stuff, I don't make outright buys so losing my jeans and the money would be a hefty blow to me. :/
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