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Bump with price drop, diors sold.
nvm kunk answered
Ya it's called the Jason Bourne colorway... its the one I've seen the most. In other news copped a navy/cream varsity. Wooo
Both sold.
There were about 30-40 people in line at the Yorkdale store last night at 9:30ish. I can't imagine how big it was this morning.
I don't know why but this was shockingly disappointing. Aeglus and kaplan seem like the only two who got proportions right. And everyone whos wearing jeans looks like it's the first time they ever put them on. Another note: dont post detail shots of everything, no one gives a shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one ^ A: you buy both, and have two options for outerwear. Haha I'm sold. Will cop WV today or tomorrow.
Damn. Do I cop a WV or wait on the fishtail?
Do N&F still have the annoyingly short fly? I could never comfortably wear my weird guys because of it. I had to sag so much and then it just gave me diaper ass and was incredibly unflattering.
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