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Brand new is 270, a few stores in Toronto actually have Penfield in stock in small for once so I was going to check it out.
For a winter coat, possibly.
Anyone comment on how good Penfield down is for as low as -25C?
Reigning Champ and w+h make the most comfortable and durable hoodies in my experience (both lines are made by the same company). And you can find them sub-$100 on sale at end of season.
I sized down from 9.5 to 8.5 but my feet are incredibly narrow, like B/C, and they fit perfectly. I'm not sure anyone with normal or wide feet should go down more than 0.5.
Another quick drop.
Anyone ever had Scott just stop responding? We had the last details to finalized and he just hasn't emailed me back in 4 days. I'm kind of anxious to get this project started, I don't really want to go to another guy.
Another drop, want these gone soon.
I wouldn't mind seeing a ToJ take on a fencing jacket in general.
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