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Quote: Originally Posted by Pope Hilarius What do the rivets say on n&f jeans? I adore you naked.
It means you go buy his old shit at Tokyo 7.
Brand new is 270, a few stores in Toronto actually have Penfield in stock in small for once so I was going to check it out.
For a winter coat, possibly.
Anyone comment on how good Penfield down is for as low as -25C? http://www.penfieldusa.com/us/stapleton-tweed.html
Reigning Champ and w+h make the most comfortable and durable hoodies in my experience (both lines are made by the same company). And you can find them sub-$100 on sale at end of season.
I sized down from 9.5 to 8.5 but my feet are incredibly narrow, like B/C, and they fit perfectly. I'm not sure anyone with normal or wide feet should go down more than 0.5.
Another quick drop.
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