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Such a great colour on those. Just got some 0701s and I've never seen darker indigo denim.
Ugh I want to buy out the entire ervell site. I just bought a TOJ varsity, 2 pairs of jeans, an unlucky bag and a hollows belt this week, not sure I can afford more.
Looking for size 270/42 in MMM. Let me know what you have.
Anyone recommend low-top slim profile white sneakers in the sub-120 range that aren't chucks, purcells or superga?
Yeah I just sent him a follow up and he replied promptly. I didn't think he was dicking around, I just thought maybe he took a vacation or trip or something. I know he makes great stuff and is a great guy to work with.
Ah alright, I sent him a follow-up. It was basically at the 'send me your paypal' stage and then nothing.
Do you know if something is happening with him recently? 10 days without an answer when we were 1 email away from finalizing my order is a little disheartening.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pope Hilarius What do the rivets say on n&f jeans? I adore you naked.
It means you go buy his old shit at Tokyo 7.
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