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Yeah it's too big.
any toj owners in tokyo? im pretty sure i spotted a toj-1 at shinjuku station unless there are some near-identical jackets on the market here.
Bless has been doing it successfully for years. Honestly don't see why you couldn't with what I've read from your posts over the past few years.
I think my boots are caught in Canada Post hell. Expected delivery was the 7th, still not here a week later. Tracking says they're still in Montreal. No fault on Dayton, just another annoyance.
Anyone in Canada gotten theirs yet? I've still yet to get any information on what they're doing (waiting out the strike or using a different carrier) and my emails went unanswered.
Hey Jay, do you have a measuring guide on the website? I can't seem to find it if there is. Reason I ask is for the tight straight model size 29, the thigh measurement measures 10". Even my size 28 apc ps has a bigger thigh than that (blueingreen style measurements) and is already really really slim on me. I'm looking for a straight fit to replace my pbj 005s which are on their way out of commission. Posting here as opposed to email in case others are wondering the...
Yeah, everyone got for 275 and they are all shipping out now. Ordered April 5th and got email today asking for my address again because they lost it. So I guess I will get them by next week.
You call and ask for service boots. They aren't listed on the website. The difference between them and w+h collab is the collab has distressing, thats it.
399, just call dayton and ask for them. you have to pay shipping (and taxes if you live in Canada).
Need to post a price...
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