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I'm about the same size as you ... 5'9 155lbs with about a 39" - 40" chest. I'm thinking small might be best for me with the chore jacket ... but I guess I'm a little confused on how you could be wearing a larger sized chest shirt underneath a smaller sized chest jacket. Makes me question whether or not the measurements are accurate.
Hey Josh - If you're a small in the shirts and a small in the chore jacket, then you're wearing a 41.5" chest shirt underneath a 40" chest jacket (according to the Gustin sizing charts)? Doesn't seem to make too much sense ... unless I'm missing something ... Trying to get an idea of what size chore jacket is best for me. Let me know.
Do Clarks Desert Boots and Iron Rangers fit the same? I'm a 9.5 in Clarks Desert Boots ... wondering if I should get the same size in IR's.
I got a pair of Slim 33 Postal Blues that I'm trying to sell. They fit a tad big on me. Willing to let them go for about $75 (this includes shipping). PM me if you're interested.
Do you mind letting me know your measurements? I'm debating on whether or not to get a 32 or a 33 slim and I'm curious to see why the 32's didn't work out for you. You can PM me if you want.
They're definitely slimmer than your average uniqlo polo. According to the size chart, a Medium MB polo is about the size of a Small Regular Uniqlo polo. In practice, it also seems that way too (I bought a couple of medium MB polo's the other day)
Stopped by the 34th street to pick up some of the MB polos. They didn't have all of the styles, but for the styles that they did have, there was a sufficient amount of stock. I was talking to the cashier and FWIW, he mentioned that they went through half of their stock already of the polos and that there wasn't going to be any reordering. Whether this is actually true, I don't know ... but figured I'd share.
If the GAP Lived In Slim Khakis are comparable to 484's and Levi's 511 .... does that mean the GAP Lived In Skinny Khakis are like Levi's 510's ?!
I think they pulled them because they're having a $39 Jean sale on all jeans that lasts until the end of the weekend. If I had to guess, they'll be back on Monday
@thenanyu Just got my t-shirts and they are great. However, got a minor customer complaint. Is there a reason why no sort of delivery confirmation number is emailed out once the tshirts have been shipped? The first order that I placed was lost during the delivery process for some reason or another (i suspect someone took it from my doorstep, since it was delivered to my house according to USPS) and it was only till I emailed you guys about it that I was given a delivery...
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