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People who for no reason act rude or insult handicapped people. I can handle if people act rude or insult me because I'm able to defend myself but I feel very sorry for those who are less fortunate and can't.
Keeps happening even though it's considered odd where I live. Easier in other countries though.
We've had 5 replies and noone has said "fuck her brains out" yet. I'm in chock. Personally I'm having a valentines dinner at sunday evening since monday is a bit stressy for both me and my girl but I'm still going to buy her something. If I can't come up with anything better I'm buying flowers (which is quite booring but it always works)
Today I drove a Ford Transit bus and a Volvo V50. The V50 was awesome while the bus was insanely big.
Of course! The best pizzas are made at home.
A Falcon export beer. Wasnt perfectly chilled though - my girlfriend managed to leave the fridge open (again) for a couple of hours. I hope she didnt ruin it.
Puglian wine.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Yes. With all due respect - I think you are totally wrong. But I think you already know that. Thank you for your time.
Georg Jensen and Bang & Olufsen are two danish companies which get a lot of attention for their design(s). Check out their webpages.
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