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Although this should have been posted in the small questions thread, I'll throw some ideas out for you, anyway... No idea about long sleeve polos, but try Uniqlo, Isaora, Reigning Champ, Nau, Splendid Mills, Vince, Alternative Apparel, American Apparel, Velva Sheen, and Jungmaven for henleys.
I'm not really excited to part with this, but because the sleeves are a tad short for me, I'd like to see if there's any interest for this. It's from KZO's utterly fantastic FW09 line. Impossible to find these days. Made in Japan, size large. This has literally been only worn a few times and is in perfect shape. I'll let my photos do the rest of the talking, thanks for looking. Picture from lookbook:
Assuming you're wanting to stay with a small form factor and fixed lens, I'd say yeah, it's worth it. There's really nothing that compares to it at the moment. If you could deal with a fixed 28mm prime lens, the Ricoh GR is just 50 dollars more (I have it and it's great) with a larger, APS-C sensor.
I have the first gen Nexus 7, but am very attempted by the new one for the improved screen alone (2GB RAM is nice, as well). It's already shipping if you get it from Amazon or Best Buy, I've read. Probably others, too. Google Play store may not ship until the 30th, however.
Not saying this is worth getting, as frankly I am not sure (recent firmware updates apparently fixed some of its autofocus woes), but stores are continuously discounting the Canon EOS M camera in case anyone is looking for something fairly cheap. $399. Comes with a 22mm 2.0 lens and external flash.
Just got a Ricoh GR. Going to start participating a little bit in this thread.
Black ones are on sale at NDC for a pretty good price (in very limited sizes). Not really sure if I like these, though. Better than paying over a thousand for them, I suppose. Nike resellers are hilarious.
KZO Convertable Camera Jacket
Lunar sole actually suits the Blazer very well. Colorways aren't the best, however.
Pinnacle collection has been around for at least 5 years now (could be longer), just wasn't produced in Italy until last year or so.
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