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Which store were you in?
Bump. For the baking soda method, do you literally just put some on , let sit, then brush with a suede brush? Anything else?
those are nice if you're into that orthopedic/grandma's shoes look
no, it's just different, #6 is more in the red family (not as dark as #8, not as red as #4) than the brown (cigar/ravello) family.
Do you have any of the rl shells from c&j? Is there any difference between that color and the carmina chestnut?
really? did it show up in spam, or just was blocked completely?
I have the AE Kenwood in brown shell I wear with shortsthe loafers in this pic
I really want to ask him if he'd be willing to end the auction if I sent him $2,000
you're about the 10th person to ask about the effectiveness of Leather Defender (I'm in that group as well) without getting a good answer afaik. it seems its kind of an unknown
lots of people do that, and it's not really wrong to describe the colorwhat's wrong is when it's intentionally misleading, like "long lasting cordovan leather" or something similar
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