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I was never able to find a good fit in the Marlow PTB or wingtip. neither 8.5D nor 9D felt right. however the 9D Lindrick feels solid, perhaps b/c the boot style lacing covers up for a little bit extra room?similarly, 8.5D Barrie bluchers in Alden feels too big, but my 8.5D Indy boots fit great. same effect as above?
is there anywhere I can have a welt antiqued (boston or nyc?) B. Nelson will do it as part of a welt replacement but my shoes are very new so don't need that
Lindricks...with some summer weight Bonobos chinos (yes I know odd pairing but I felt like wearing these)
not to oversimplify, but I would describe them as...red. like a red Crayola crayon red, not like deep burgundy like #8.I have an old pair of "Black Cherry" shell from AE that are are a shade darker. I think Horween calls them #6.
a rare beast. an old pic of mine
@McQ7 I have boots with Dainite sole that are 5 years old and aren't particularly close to needing a resole. granted I don't wear them a ton, but Dainite wears very hard. also imo is not the most comfortable sole as it is pretty hard
think the issue here is going to be fitting a thick crepe sole onto a loafer like that. just today I brought AE Kenwood loafers into B. Nelson for resoling and they convinced me the crepe sole would look off on a trad loafer like that. ended up going with an oiled flex sole. I'll do crepe on another shoe or boot which is meant to go with a double sole
price depending on condition of course. flexible on color
thanks. is something like navy blazer / wool trousers / white shirt / pink tie too informal? or is a suit required here?
any guidelines here? this is for a very wealthy persons wedding at his house. 6pm start, reception right after. it's in June. any hints for what is acceptable here? light suit? dark suit with....? am up for buying something, but have no idea where to start really.
New Posts  All Forums: