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ha, awesome!I personally I wouldn't put it in that spectrum, which is basically a red spectrum. here is a pic of a #4 wallet and what I think is basically #6 shoes. mahogany IMO is in the brown spectrum
I think of mahogany as a true mid-brown, as opposed to ravello which is a mid brown with normally some reddish tones. of course I've seen ravello look completely brown as well. maybe mahogony is most similar to the "brown" that C&J uses
so curious on folks opinions of the 335 last (Skye 2 boot for instance) I purchased one in 8E (UK size I'm nearly sure) and it feels shorter than I expected - it's tight across my heel. fits fine everywhere else. This is surprising to me as some other shoes which are easily fine length wise for me are: 9D C&J for RL Lindrick Boot (325 last) 9D C&J for Peal boot (240 last, I can wear thick sock / have plenty of room) 8.5 E in a couple AE lasts (like 511 last for instance,...
half the reason I bought a #4 wallet was b/c I knew I wouldn't be afraid to use it everyday - and I got to own #4! a shell wallet is a wonderful way of quelling some of that shell addiction. you can fairly easily buy shell wallets in some other unobtanium colors and varieties (from Horween too). #2, #4, #6, pebble grained, etc
for @namor my favorite pair of AE, Black Cherry Shell "Bristol". single soled PTB
I think it will be easier for you to find Brown shell options by Crockett and Jones (direct, or via Ralph Lauren or via Brooks brothers) than Alden at this point. Pricing at this point is pretty close as well and you won't be sacrificing any quality. The brown they use is perhaps somewhere in between a typical ravello and cigar
but if you'd like to see 2x of these Whiskey Skye 2 boots (new pickup from Buy/Sell). These were from a Style Forum GMTO from a while back, I believe organized by @mdubs
on the mismatched shoe continuum Whiskey Shell Skye 2 vs C&J for Peal Burgundy Shell. these are a new pickup, got them in 8E and was worried they would actually be too big but as of now they fit more snug than these oldies in 9d US. (which I'm sure have stretched some) I believe 335 last on the Skye 2 vs 240 for the Peal
You would probably be an 8e UK but it's confusing BC you're referring to US size twice for some reason.
I think this is a nice example of taking a style that can easily be "security guard chic" (the PTB) and making it look really cool
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