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Yeah we only get wingtip boots it's a real pita
Thanks for handling and all your work. But to be clear - we're not sure if they can accommodate more than 12, is that right?
Nice. What last?
You can also buy whiskey shell loafers from Rancourt
Kauai is the best place on Earth - North Shore particularly. Congrats on the trip. I have to say even at the St. Regis I'm not sure my footwear got more formal than nice flip flops. Maybe I brought LHS with me? I think suede a better choice than cxl which to me is a nice casual / foul weather leather.
Yep they remind me of the old pics. Here is one I found from 2009. With a nice whiskey comparison!
Those are beauties. My *guess* is that it's still Cognac shell as the current version is, just a much different shade as it happens
Made in USA Shell Cordovan PTB. Made by Corcorcan, a now defunct old school leave it to be beaver style maker of bombproof shoes. They were based in Massachusetts. These are 9D, my size, they fit TTS. Heels marked "B.F. Goodrich" and are in mint condition. These couldn't have been worn more than a few times. Soles marked "Genuine Shell Cordovan" and are rock hard $140 + actual shipping cost
Edit - I' m in.found the details hereMarlow Short Wing BlucherHorween Whiskey Shell Cordovan325 LastStorm WeltDouble Leather SoleAntique EdgeContrast Welt Stitching
yup. for the Dundee for instance the difference between today's rate and a simple recent average (1.6) is over $100
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