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purely guessing, I would say they are gone. there are 4 other boots in this thread that came and went fairly quickly in the last few years, it seems this RL keeps a standard selection of shoes but rotates in new boots often
nice whiskey tanker
I think everyone knows these shoes. The classic shell cordovan chukka made by Alden for J.Crew. These have been tried on, but are still in new condition. You can see some marks where price tags were taken off, etc. 8.5 D Barrie last, so this fits a 9D $500 shipped > SOLD
Chukka = McCallum I believethe name of the jodphur is floating around somewhere, one sold on ebay in the last few monthsalso the moc toe chukka = giffordfront strap chukka (Boot Strap Chukka Plain Toe) = garranI'm 100% sure that the Lindrick is the best of them all though
some real world pics of the capuccino here ebay not great pics unfortunately, but does look like a standardish dark brown. not sure how this is different than the standard AE brown shell
though, I do understand what your saying - that if you pay a steep discount to retail on desirable models, you ultimately haven't really spent a huge sum of money, b/c you could always recoup a healthy % of what your spend if you resell them
it would take a pretty insane discount to buy a pair of shoes, wear them for 5 years, and be able to sell them for close to what you paid (considering inflation). Florsheim Royal Imperial shell cordovan, even in awesome (used) condition, doesn't sell for more than $200 or so in current dollars. in the late 90's these cost $400 or so so new (which is obv a lot more than $400 today) I did see a NOS pair of Florsheim shell cordovan sell for $600 last week. but these were...
doesn't wear / pair basically not matter as you get past 2 or 3 shoes though? if you have 365 pairs of shoes you can wear them all exactly once a year, and they will last your lifetime this way, but each pair of shoes still has the same amount of finite "lifetime wears" in it. ie I understand that leather soled shoes should not be worn 2 days in a row, optimally. for instance if you wear a pair of Park Avenues every day, they may need a resole 100 days from now, while if...
it's gonna take a heck of a cobbler to turn your strands into bluchers
I think the idea that brogueing = informal is a vestige of times gone by. I think 9/10 people on the street would tell you that a longwing like the macneil looks more formal than a plain toe shoe like the leeds the strand (and mcallister) in particular looks like a more formal shoe imo b/c of the single sole and regular welt
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