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no, but that's also why I don't buy Made in India shoes anymore
Namor to be fair I think the problem was on Gilt's end in this latest instance. they didn't describe these shoes as shell, as far as I know. now, as I said before I never buy from Gilt anymore b/c shady descriptions and effed up MSRP is just the way they roll and I won't support any business like that, in general. I just expect shit to go bad
this is the standard leather sole, right? not flex welt?
I don't know why anyone ever buys anything from Gilt. I refuse to support them .
I bought these from the same member here most likely. Awesome shoes and great price.
I think part of "ease of maintenance" gets rolled up into "toughness". Like suede shoes require a preventative spray, and an eraser, and a suede brush, and the nap can still get stained or rough looking despite great care.
the water droplets thing is a weird one. like I bought my shell shoes specifically for rain, and I have walked around in downpours and been completely dry and happy (plus dainite soles!). most leathers would have soaked through. and the shoes have come through spotless. but some others have problems.
brown CXL is a great, great leather for boot I agree - but I think that is really a different story than standard calfskin.
right, those can be worn with all kinds of outfits, everything from blue jeans to slightly dark blue jeans
I see all these posts about how "suede is actually easy to care for" and "suede is tougher than calf". but then I see suede shoes with stains on them that can't be removed. and this week my wife gets some sort of stain on her suede shoes which now appears to be permanent. and this was after she applied meltonian suede spray protector on them. so, I call BS. I never see these sorts of (permanent) things with shell
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