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mark me interested on the Warlow
hrrm yes agree
that's actually a pretty modest increase
yeah the original price was probably the screwy one. the Marlow is now $995 at RL.
"Corcoran" Shell Cordovan PTB. Best I can tell this was an old shoe maker from Stoughton, MA. Not sure when these were made but heels are marked "B.F. Goodrich" which hasn't been used for a long time.
I would not topy any beautiful nailed/screwed soles, like these Buday's. I would keep those like that, bc I have other Dainite and Commando soled shoes I wear in bad weather. but when it came time to resole...I'd likely go with Dainite
Alden Ravello Shell Cordovan Longwings 8E. Barrie last. From Alden of SF. Used but in nice condition. Original soles have been topied for long wear/weather protection. Will ship with Alden box and bags. $499 + actual shipping cost
Ravello longwings, recent pickup from me (2nd hand, and in need of a shine) I haven't got a great fit in Barrie shoes (not boots) and I'm hoping these work out. These are 8E. I love my Indy boots in 8.5D for instance, they are probably a touch too long but the boot fit makes up for it I think...whereas 8.5D shoes have been too sloppy at the heel for me (lengthwise). for comparison, bc I like that sort of thing, next to Rancourt tan shell and AE brown shell
my suggestion is to wear shoes you'll be comfortable sleeping in
I just cared for some huge water stains. process which I know the watchman also has posted aboutStep 1: Wipe them down with plain ole water and let them air dry.Step 2: Brush with a horse hair brush. (2-3 min per shoe is sufficient.)Step 3: Apply a minuscule amount of the conditioner cream of your choice. Because Venetian Shoe Cream is the most available and cheapest, that is what we shall use for illustrative purposes.Step 4: Apply to the shoe and work it vigorously into...
New Posts  All Forums: