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Nice pics! Where are the cognac and dark cognac from, respectively?
ah, my guess is that any number between 12 and their maximum is ok with them.
the minimum here was only 12
thanks Watchman!September 29 - is that a typo? or do we actually have 7 months?
I already did (Dainite version)
did this guidance come from Lauren? bc I did dig this up from the C&J thread from a couple years back"I corresponded via e-mail with Mr. Huqstable, Manager of Crockett & Jones mail order department, in March 2010. Here is the relevant part of his response to my inquiry:"We do indeed make the Darlton bluchers, for Ralph Lauren in dark congnac shell cordovan. A US size 12 D is a UK size 11.5E in the last 325.""
Does anyone take different sizes on the Lindrick and Marlow?
presumably C&J won't do wide widths in a GMTO - everything needs to be the same width? or no?
So I think they should probably sell for something around your current price.I think retail price on those is really high - so if you paid that that might be giving you a slightly off perspective. These are now fairly analogous to the Alden x J Crew #8 boots - sold by big retailer, non rare shell, similar enough design, etc. And I feel like I see those sell for $575-$625 new on the secondary market (more on eBay but then you pay huge fees). I don't really track but I think...
I too can't believe Shoemart sent out an email to announce a 1.4% price increase.
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