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they were actually super tight just on my heels. fine everywhere else. they were just...short which manifested itself not in the toebox but on my heels. not sure why that is. there have been other scattered reports of people saying the Skye 2 fits short, so I wasn't alone on this
my only advice, which I just learned a bit painfully - the Skye 2 runs a bit short IMO. I should have gone up .5. the 8UK I bought certainly fit way, way different than either of my US sized 9D C&J boots.
yes I think they would typically subtract VAT as long as the shipping address is in the USA
that is great. I literally don't even know what that is. a piece of...wood? is that for a desk, or for serving food or...? and if it's for serving food, this is what BB is doing now? so bizarre!
Fwiw I wear dainite throughout the Boston winter
yes I purchased from the original owner / had them imported from the UK / paid duties
IMO they are a bit short. Too short for you for sure.I'm in between an 8.5 and 9 in typical US size and these are just a bit too short for me. like I can wear them but they aren't comfortable enough for my liking. I think they are best for a TTS 8.5D in US sizing. they also might stretch out some and be ok with a 9D but I'd rather not wear them around a lot to find that out
It absolutely kills me to sell these as I've listed after Whiskey Shell boots for a long time and they are but impossible to buy these days. Fit just isn't working for me.These have been worn outside literally one time, so they are in "as new condition". These sold new for > $1,000, I paid $775, so not looking to profit here. UK size 8E Crockett & Jones Skye 2 Wingtip Boot Last: 335 Upper: Whiskey Shell Cordovan from Horween Sole: Double Leather Sole Eyelets: 4 Exposed...
thanks. anyone else have experience with the 335 / Skye 2 being short?
ha, awesome!I personally I wouldn't put it in that spectrum, which is basically a red spectrum. here is a pic of a #4 wallet and what I think is basically #6 shoes. mahogany IMO is in the brown spectrum
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