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that's like, 90% of the shoes in this thread
To me it looks like the color closest to the Cigar Indy in the top row is the cappuccino shell in the bottom:; not the cigar LWB!
well, again, if your goal is to build a wardrobe that means acquiring different colors types and shoe styles. the burgundy shell LWB and PTB are 100% staples - but they are also easy to find at equivalent quality and much lower price than from Alden. but cigar is also a pretty important part of that wardrobe, and even ravello will functionality look a lot better with some outfits than #8 will. so they are not just Ferrari style exotics, they are also functionally very...
congrats on that scoreI have AE in "black cherry" shell (which was the marketed term they used in their catalogs) - which to my eye is like #6 - and I have Hanover in a nearly identical color. Was yours marked #4 in some way, or is that just what your eyes are telling you ?the recent #4 from Alden I saw was much more RED than the black cherry I have, which has more burgundy overtones.my vintage shoes next to my current C&J burgundy shell PTBvintage black cherry vs vintage...
right, I agree with your thinkingI mean, my answer has basically been the same for years now:if you are trying to decide between a rare color shell or #8, get the rare color. burgundy shell is always going to be much easier to find down the road, and also can be bought a ton cheaper if you are ok with vintage Florsheim/Hanover, which were probably better made than Alden today.for anyone on a budget or picking and choosing between models, buying a #8 LWB or PTB from Alden...
I think they were one off's of some kind, I purchased them on B/S here The color is the same as is used on the brown shell Strands (and the C&J for RL line) I haven't seen the capuccino/truffle color in person, but here is a pic I found on AAAC. his pictures look a shade dark for some reason, but it's ok for color comparison anyways, the point is - I think anything in this color family works better with khaki/tan pants than burgundy/# 8 shell From left to right Alden...
if you wear khaki / tan / lighter colored pants a lot, cigar or ravello will be more versatile than #8. those brown shell shades look much better w/ khaki than #8 does imo, where the contrast can just be too jarring. the shoes I wear the most with khakis are my cognac shell loafers from AE, the nearest Alden equivalent is something like a ravello or cigar LHS of course, I prefer #8 with denim
Leathersoul Ultimate Indy Picked these up on a lark, trying to decide if I like the Indy aesthetic and the commando sole. still not sure if it's for me
I'll put the over/under at...$695
the glitch last year produced prices as low as $260 to $285 (I got pairs for both prices)I'm 99% sure that was an eff up on their part, so would not expect anything like that again. if we see prices down to the $400 - $450 range that will be very good imo
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