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Those bottom ones are Ravello shortwings. Not sure if those were done once or twice for leathersoul.
Actually - Rancourt does use an AE last for (some?) of their loafers. I believe the story is that their factory had been run by AE and the Rancourt folks bought control of it - and in the process kept some of the lasts. Or something to that affect.Anyways, generally tts in my experience
if any 8E (UK) guys have buyers remorse on a recent GMTO, PM me!
If those are Canadian prices then they're fine
Everyone except Alden
believe that is a George bootsee also
IME same size in 1 (511) last as 5 last, however for me the 1 last fits better b/c it's more generous in the toe / forefoot. it's a bit wider and shorter than the 5 last with a rounder toe. again, just my experience
if youanother option would be the C&J for BB cordovan boot. that is a cap toe with dainite sole, speed hooks
well they're not called "slow hooks"
my experience with the 511 (1) last is different. I'm wearing my old Bristols today (in 'black cherry' shell) and they are probably the best fitting shoes I have. they fit like they were made for me. a nice, round, full fitting toe. granted I take an E width in these. they fit so well that I realized I should just hunt down other 1 last shoes. but in they don't offer much, basically the Dundee, Leeds...some boots but I have plenty of boots already
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