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mdubs - great shoes but those Ultimate Indy's are begging to be kicked on some rocks or dirt or something. that's a boot that looks better well worn in imo pic I always think of:
I'm assuming he meant on ebay or b/s where you do see them pop up from time to time
well different people have different experiences. I can say for me8.5D Trubalance (Indy boots)9D Lindrick9D C&J for BB (240 last I believe)8.5E AE 1 last (oxfords)9D AE and Rancourt handsewn loafersall work for mebut others are different!one thing may be others comparing Barrie lasted shoes and boots. I found 8.5D Barrie shoes to not be great for me, but for boots a bit extra room is ok as they lace tighter. so...shrug.
Classic model here, super nice condition on these. Toe + heel taps installed, extremely light wear. Drop all the way down to $200
most likely 10D
are these both Barrlie last?
nice -whiskey shell?one thing I'm not sure one is super light shell with khakis (my gut is to have contrast b/w shoes and pants) but this looks nice
from the department of "be careful what you wish for"...
it's stitched on, but it's much better than a standard topy. a standard topy will become smooth very quickly, which makes it no better pretty bad on ice. a commando has lugs which provides way, way better stability on snow and ice. this is why LL Bean Boots work so well, the rubber grips on various pointsthe single worst shoes I ever had for winter wear were RM Williams Craftsman Chelsea boots with smooth rubber soles. smooth sole on smooth surface = invitation for disaster.
no idea how long others take, but given what the business told you, I'd expect these to be available 2 years from order and be pleasantly surprised if they arrived anytime sooner than that. that's really the only way to think about it given the uncertainty they are specifically telling you about
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