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do you know if he had any commando soles where the lugs didn't reach all the way to the edge? I wonder if he could order something likeI think thats a nice balance of practicality + looks.
they measure different but I think they both fit tts 9D
unmarked shell cordovan longwings no size listed, seller thinks 10 $80 BIN
it's hard to just lump shoes together on the formality scale b/c of the category they fit in. most here consider the LHS much more casual than the full strap, but both are loafers. I guess you reference this.I'm not sure why a #8 Barrie lasted chukka would be very different on the formality scale than a #8 Barrie lasted PTB or longwing with similar welt. (whether or not you think a PTB is more or less formal than a longwing is a different question I guess). I guess most...
I've never been to church but I think you'll be fine
you're looking for a Yes/No answer to a question that is best answered with "it depends".are you a banker in London? or a guy who wears a sack suit to the country club for dinner?
right, understand, didn't mean it any other way
there's nothing mythical about cigar, it's just a color. it's a nice color sure but it's odd how it's so 'rare'. hard to tell what those AE look like without seeing some real photography, but I know the Walnut shell color they used was awesome. right between whiskey and ravello. I've always thought the cognac/brown color used by C&J and in a few models by AE is better than cigar as well. anyways it's good to see other big companies using rare shell colors, thats good for...
finishing is common. it's only when it's shoddy that's a problem.
the Aldens are firsts and are a steal at that price
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