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I just so happened to take this picture yesterdayI'd say actual color is lighter than pictured here for all the variants
I've worn my Ultimate Indy's through 5 Boston winters with no thought as to what I was stepping in (salt, slush etc) and nothing like that has happened. I'm still on the original commando soles even (though they are about dead now). that's a defect.
I believe what C&J calls "brown" is what Horween calls "Dark Cognac". The same color as the darker Marlows above and what AE also calls "Brown". but of course the actual color you might get varies from batch to batch. as far as I know the colors C&J uses are (in Horween terms): Whiskey Dark Cognac #8 Black unclear if those lighter Marlows posted above are "Cognac" or just a light version of "Dark Cognac". either possible I think.
I don't think at $1,225 you're going to gain any traction. I was just in the C&J store in NYC and their cognac shell boots sitting on the shelf are less than that. GMTO's through C&J for Horween shell are currently in the $730-$800 range (shoes to boots) so I think $1,225 must be a mistake of some kind. and even at those prices most of the GMTO's don't fill.
Maybe he was taking out VAT
nice ones! those are both Marlows in your pictures, correct? that is an extreme color difference, maybe they switched from Cognac to Dark Cognac at some point
price of the Warlow has actually fallen by $23 since we got the quote in GBP.
Thank youCould somebody PM her contact info?
Today I was able to make it to C&J. I tried on the Pembroke in 8E and that felt right to me. I believe that is basically the pebble grain version of the Marlow. For reference I'm 8.5D Barrie and Trubalance 9D C&J for BB on the 240 lasted boots 9D Lindrick Most of those boots probably fit a bit big but because they are boots it works How does payment work here?
Nice pics! Where are the cognac and dark cognac from, respectively?
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