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Link? Code?
I think they are fun summer shoes. Would grab a pair of the price was right
don't fret.I actually don't think it's that much harder to purchase "rare" shell colors than it was 5 or 6 years ago, bc of the # of makers you can order from. Alden is next to impossible but Carmina, EB, Rider - you see cool stuff pop in from there frequently. and if you go to Meermin and Trickers you can get all sorts of crazy colors from non Horween shell producers. The brown that C&J uses for RL and BB might be my favorite color of all and those are not super hard to...
I would guess in a blind lineup of longwings of identical leather most folks would struggle to pickout which is which
That's a sweet makeup. Love the eyelets and trim
they were actually super tight just on my heels. fine everywhere else. they were just...short which manifested itself not in the toebox but on my heels. not sure why that is. there have been other scattered reports of people saying the Skye 2 fits short, so I wasn't alone on this
my only advice, which I just learned a bit painfully - the Skye 2 runs a bit short IMO. I should have gone up .5. the 8UK I bought certainly fit way, way different than either of my US sized 9D C&J boots.
yes I think they would typically subtract VAT as long as the shipping address is in the USA
that is great. I literally don't even know what that is. a piece of...wood? is that for a desk, or for serving food or...? and if it's for serving food, this is what BB is doing now? so bizarre!
Fwiw I wear dainite throughout the Boston winter
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