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tx.what I could probably do is a pre-paid mastercard funded via PayPal. trying to keep this one, let's say.."off balance sheet"
I think he was just talking about cowboy boots
Deusis / Guarded Goods sells very similar ones
Is PayPal an option for these gmto's?
I can say I tried sizing down from 8.5d Trubalance to 8e Barrie and found it too short.
I think depends on dimension. Personally I find those lasts similar in length but Trubalance wider.
These C&J gmto's are no doubters for anyone into Alden shell. I'm not in this boot but for anyone who would kill for an Alden cigar boot...this is a no brainer
So after a ton of wear, holes have started to develop in the heal area of my Ultimate Indy's on both shoes, in more or less the same spot. Picture below. Is this something that Alden would look at fixing in a recraft, or is that out of scope?
Getting ready for summer. Kirkwood in cxl. $57 shipped from the Shoebank. These will be my sockless BBQ / with shorts shoes
Feel free to make an offer as well
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