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this obviously depends on your own situation - but - I find typically myself in a situation where crepe soles would be considered too casual
Yep. I once had a pair of Grenson chukkas in a crepe sole, they were the most comfortable shoes Ive ever owned - largely b/c of that crepe sole I think. it gets a lot of hate but comfort is a great thing. it's a great part of a mix.have you ever seen the results of a B.Nelson resole w/ crepe?
I believe he is a poster here.it's incredibly low class he not only takes other peoples pictures without crediting them, but then watermarks them as his own. such a dirt bag movefor those reading, I'm 95% sure that is a picture from zippy, and the size chart from reguy
the good news is - assuming you paid a fair price - you should be able to recoup most of your money by reselling. if you patient and/or a good lister, get all of it back
thank you
your welcome
this thread needs more people thanking each other, with no usage of multiquote. then it would be perfect
quickest way to make natty cxl look like dark brown cxl is buy returning your natty cxl and buying dark brown cxlthe non snarky answer is they will eventually darken with time and with dark brown polish I would think, but it seems like you really bought the wrong color for what you want
I actually used to agree with this - that whiskey was the ultimate LHS color. but I realized that I wear so many khaki/tan colors in the summer (when I wear the LHS the most) that having a bit more contrast was better for me. now I think ravello/cognac is the best LHS color. for me anyways
you'll see #8 Alden shell on display that looks like cigar shell. fluorescent lights really change the color the Darltons on display in Boston also look super light
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