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I've said this before but the opinions on bad weather / shoe leather response can be bizarre. I read people saying how sturdy and tough suede is, and I read about people afraid to wear shell out in the rain, and yet I very frequently see suede look stained/discolored after a couple years and have yet to see a shell that can't be brought back to full luster.
I think that's the real point. Don't worry about the profile if you're talking about an Indy boot. A big rubber sole looks fine.at the same time it's not going to look huge. I happen to be wearing my Ultimate Indy's with Commando. here you go. (these get very little love, shoe trees sometimes, sometimes polishing, wear in any weather etc)
the problem with neocork is that it's smooth. smooth soles + ice = dangerous, I almost cracked my skull (seriously) with a cartoon-esque tumble backwards from wearing smooth rubber soles on ice. it's fine for the other season though I think even leather is better than neocork on ice
Shawnc those were the bnib Patriots right? I had my eye on them as well. Sold for less than I thought but AE just isn't the fashion brand Alden is. I almost got in there but didn't want to take a big loss if the last didn't work for me. I did buy a less expensive pair in brown shell though though... I'll let you now if those don't work!
personally I think that tan shade is a really nice color, especially if you have a bunch of mid brown already
yeah $300 for those tan cap toe boots is a crazy price. they didn't have my size sadly
has anybody had trouble getting in touch with Rancourt lately? I emailed them 3 weeks ago, then again a week ago...no response to either. (WRT resoling options)
yeah that looks like it's an the range of "non-Alden" #8 shell but there's a big variance inherently there. for instance here is a pic of C&J Burgundy shell (#8) and 2 pairs of AE #8 loafers. the C&J are older and have patina'd to a different color but the 2 others are pretty different note: I do not have 3 feet
I'm sure C&J would do it themselves. or any good cobbler. I'm in the US so I doubt I would ship them back anyways...
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