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drop, crazy price now
I'd estimate there are total 500 total holy grails out there (call it 150 posters in this thread, 3.33 grails/user, voila 500). unique holy grails...hmm harder one for me it's probably a #4 wingtip boot on commando sole with a crocodile pull tab
if they are 8E UK they are definitely not the right size for you, but luckily for you would fit me fine
Shell scotch grain is...interesting. I had a pair of Rider boots in Mahogany shell grain. They do not get that luster/shine regular shell does...but they are a shinier scotch grain than standard scotch grain.
Buy less shoes and you can start buying c&j now Honestly given exchange rate there isn't a huge price difference now. The Pembroke for instance costs £385 or $478 vs say the Strand at $395. Of course I think paying full retail for most ae is silly as they go on discount so much
my understanding is for work like this, you probably want something with a steel toe so you don't break your toes when a door falls on your feet. (though I'm sure you know better than me)for everything else, I mean, I could wear my velvet slippers for blowing leaves and be fine so I don't think it matters much
It depends what you mean by "taking a beating". Lots of folks like the work boot aesthetic, but for 95% of the folks (including myself) this really just means wearing them a lot in all kinds of weather. For which cxl is great.
Those are sweet.I also love my thinsulate, gore Tex bean boots in the classic style
It's in the eye of the beholder but I would guess that under $750 or so and you're doing well
Posts like this (and the other shortwings posted above) make me wonder how many grail Aldens in 8.5d are just out there sitting in the closets of people and are never going to be worn...
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