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no - vintage used shell, even in great condition, normally won't sell at auction for more than $150 or so. I've bought and sold many pairs in great shape, always between $90 - $180 or so. I'm wearing a pair of Hanover shell PTB's in 9D in awesome shape, original everything, probably worn less than 20x total. I guarantee if I put them up in a 7 day auction they would sell for less than $200, probably within $30 of $140 either way. I paid $110.(actually, you can see them...
Peal is just a brand wjust imagine if they now cost $1,000,000. They would have been the deal of the century!
my guess is in inflation adjusted $'s the price isn't THAT different from what it is now.
if they are shell cordovan and are in a style that people are still wearing today, they might be worth $50 otherwise donate them. 8B is a very tough size to sell even if everything else is ideal
ditto to that request. love seeing real old shell.
imo CXL is a great leather for true lace up, high boots, b/c I think those are a touch more casual than chukkas and CXL is a really casual leather. like the Roy boot - to me that that is the ideal use of CXL. or if you like Indy boots, then the LS Ultimate Indy. I don't particularly like CXL in any shoe, really, but love it in boots.if I were you starting from scratch (and could actually find a chukka that fit me )I probably would go withRavello chukkaCXL high boot (Roy,...
limiting to 2x a week seems overly cautious. on business trips I'll often go 2 or 3 days in a row and all is fine. Exposed leather soles will get chewed up if worn constantly while wet, but in general I see no reason why wearing a given pair 3 or 4 times a week is a problem. again, if it's raining thats a different story, and if it's really warm out (sweat) that's a different story.
sure they will be less slippery and water won't damage the soles nearly as much
another failed try for the chukkas for me. if you're 8.5 D barrie looking for shell chukka's lemme know. 1st quality alden x j crew
yeah that chukka is great. in order my boot ranking here is Lindrick > McCallum > Garran > Westbourne > Gifford I briefly owned the Garran but couldn't get a great fit, and found the Gifford a bit clunky. Lindrick is a perfect fit for me which counts for a lot.
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