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I'm honestly not even sure what she is saying. It doesn't make any sense as you say.
I think it may depend on which range you are on. likeyeah it is funny. I wonder if some of this can be chalked up to manufacturer inconsistency? or just the way feet actually slide into shoes is so different for different peoplethe strangest of course is the Marlow fit where you can ask 10 people and get 10 different opinions
Fwiw I found the Skye 2 just a bit shorter than 325 lasted shoes. Others say different. Just adding my data point.
IME the commando is far better than any topy I've used. topies tend to get worn down and smooth fairly quick (which means they actually become dangerous on ice - the worst fall I ever took on ice was on smooth rubber soles). My Ultimate Indy's have hundreds of wears and are still on their original commando soles which is pretty impressive (I'm 230lb ish and have worn through heels on loafers in 20-30 wears). They are due for a resole soon but getting through 6 Boston...
2 classics for sale. First up is new old stock Hanover PTB in brown pebble grain. 9D. unworn. rare to find a classic like this in such shape. Made in USA. SOLD Second are BNIB Horween CXL Loafers from Rancourt. also $149 OBO. Retail is $295 Full description: Beefroll Penny Loafers Unlined Horween Chromexcel Leather Tan handsewing thread Natural leather midsole Watertight Leather outsole with natural edge finish - these leather outsoles are oiled for increased...
Any other reviews of astorflex?
niceare those a boot or a shoe?(I had the Cigar DC captoes in my cart and didn't pull the trigger)
Rancourt Made in USA Horween Whiskey Shell Cordovan longwings. New in box. Can see original product listing here via Taylor Stitch. Retail price is $698. $550 OBO. Size 9D. Fits TTS. Sharing pics from the Taylor Stitch site here, I'll share one of my own when I get a chance / obviously before any sale. but they are BNIB so identical.
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