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Yea that's what people call the "Dr. Jones" boot.
Great price damn
So newb question here, but - with the Galway, is there a functional reason for the suede shaft section, or is there that a purely aesthetic choice? is suede preferable around the ankle as it make the boot lighter or more comfortable? or is it just stylistic?
So these valways with the suede "uppers" - is the idea to try to get the best of both worlds: shell on the visible part of the boot and comfortable suede around the ankle for lightness / comfort? Or is this a pure aesthetic choice? Or is part of it also a lower price bc it's only half shell? I'm thinking of an mto so curious
That Whiskey boot is something that would be sold as a Second by Alden imo. I'd be happy with it but it's clearly flawed so a discount is fair
agreed - I buy shoes with tough leather (cxl, shell) specifically so I don't have to worry about wearing them in bad elements. the "cheapest" shoes I own are AE shell. that's not a brag, I'm just ok wearing shoes agnostic of elements. that's not to say I wear Lindrick boots to music festivals, but that's bc I'm wearing flip flops and not leather dress shoes in Vegas specifically that probably means my Ultimate Indy's. or AE Kenwood loafers. just depends on season
well worn in Ultimate Indy's one question: the speedhooks (particularly on the left boot) nearly touch each other when I lace them up. does this indicate any kind of fit problem, or just that the CXL around my ankle has become very flexible?
nobody is assume!get out while you can!!
SweetWho made those?
Thanks. Do you know if cognac actually exists, or just dark cognac?
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