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These C&J gmto's are no doubters for anyone into Alden shell. I'm not in this boot but for anyone who would kill for an Alden cigar boot...this is a no brainer
So after a ton of wear, holes have started to develop in the heal area of my Ultimate Indy's on both shoes, in more or less the same spot. Picture below. Is this something that Alden would look at fixing in a recraft, or is that out of scope?
Getting ready for summer. Kirkwood in cxl. $57 shipped from the Shoebank. These will be my sockless BBQ / with shorts shoes
Feel free to make an offer as well
Semantics, but I wouldn't say that. I don't think the Cheviot needs a description other than "longwing on the 325"
I also saw this yesterday in the NYC store. Certainly a nice longwings, sleeker than the Alden. Color similar to traditional #8, not Alden eggplant
I just so happened to take this picture yesterdayI'd say actual color is lighter than pictured here for all the variants
I've worn my Ultimate Indy's through 5 Boston winters with no thought as to what I was stepping in (salt, slush etc) and nothing like that has happened. I'm still on the original commando soles even (though they are about dead now). that's a defect.
I believe what C&J calls "brown" is what Horween calls "Dark Cognac". The same color as the darker Marlows above and what AE also calls "Brown". but of course the actual color you might get varies from batch to batch. as far as I know the colors C&J uses are (in Horween terms): Whiskey Dark Cognac #8 Black unclear if those lighter Marlows posted above are "Cognac" or just a light version of "Dark Cognac". either possible I think.
I don't think at $1,225 you're going to gain any traction. I was just in the C&J store in NYC and their cognac shell boots sitting on the shelf are less than that. GMTO's through C&J for Horween shell are currently in the $730-$800 range (shoes to boots) so I think $1,225 must be a mistake of some kind. and even at those prices most of the GMTO's don't fill.
New Posts  All Forums: