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Very nice. I would bought these on black Friday but I'm between sizes in the 335Beauties
This is what I was assuming as well, and on further review my freak out may have been not needed. just went on a spin around the house and I think with breaking in these will be ok. I'm glad bc these are beauties... (Warlow / Whiskey Pembroke). my camera makes these look orange but they are really a classic tan
Years ago that's how I got mine! $500 or so iirc
are those 240 last (iirc, same as the C&J for BB shell boots) ?
Thinking about trading my bnib Crockett and Jones Warlows (whiskey shell shortwings) in 8e. Anyone out there with 8.5 Barrie or Alden whiskey or Ravello that is burdening them terribly?
thanks. I'll add that I have bought plenty of new sneakers and my size in sneakers hasn't changed. so if my feet have grown it couldn't have been by very much
weird fit question I can't believe I'm asking, but here goes. I have the C&J for BB shell boots in 9D, plenty of room. I have Lindrick boots in 9D, plenty of room. I have Alden Indy boots in 8.5D, plenty of room. All of these boots I can probably wear wool socks in, they aren't even close to being too tight. I have Allen Edmonds Kenwood in 9D, no problem with it. I tried on Pembroke in 8E UK in store and as I recall they fit fine. last time I was sized on the Brannock I...
How often does this actually happen? I'm hundreds of wears in on 2 speed hook boots without incident.Even if I do rip a hem at some point...it will have been worth it for the cumulative time saved
I'm honestly not even sure what she is saying. It doesn't make any sense as you say.
I think it may depend on which range you are on. likeyeah it is funny. I wonder if some of this can be chalked up to manufacturer inconsistency? or just the way feet actually slide into shoes is so different for different peoplethe strangest of course is the Marlow fit where you can ask 10 people and get 10 different opinions
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