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any pics of the Fore Boot in the wild?
ah, yes I see. still when I look at these two, I see minor differences as you mention but stylistically I would wear them identically.
isn't the Rancourt pinch penny really the same style as the LHS? (minor differences aside, such as an Alden longwing vs AE MacNeil)or are you more wondering about natural shell vs #8 ?edit: googling briefly I do see Rancourt makes a beefroll loafer, similar to the AE Kenwood. mb thats what you're referring to.
nice, I assume you got them from the same ebay seller I did.pretty happy with these for now, and also for the future as Rancourt has some cool resoling options.
Whiskey shell loafers from Rancourt
I have one pair of Rancourt shell and just bought my second. They feel lighter than Alden and I don't like their leather sole. However they have nice composite sole options. Frankly I don't think Alden sets a very high bar wrt to construction.
Yeah that's the price in NYC.
could be but it appears the left boot is slightly closer to the camera which should make it appear relatively bigger
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