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I'm going 1/2 down from Barrie. 8.5D Barrie to 8E Warlow
Given they can only do black + burgundy and the price is going way up, I can only assume Horween
maybe just start a new thread? not sure if that violates how that forum works or not, but I think if it does they'll simply move it to the appropriate place. but i suspect it will be fine
you guys could try Reddit as well for the Dundee. might pick up a few folks https://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/
Might want to give a deadline because there is some chance people have decided to drop out
tx.what I could probably do is a pre-paid mastercard funded via PayPal. trying to keep this one, let's say.."off balance sheet"
I think he was just talking about cowboy boots
Deusis / Guarded Goods sells very similar ones
Is PayPal an option for these gmto's?
I can say I tried sizing down from 8.5d Trubalance to 8e Barrie and found it too short.
New Posts  All Forums: