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bumping an old thread to say that I went into Colonial Shoe Repair today on Summer St. and the proprietor was both knowledgeable and friendly. I'll be going there soon for some business.
I get it, but stuff you expose yourself to commonly to is probably far grosser. Bathroom handles, hotel comforters, etc. Also it's not like you're buying running sneakers which will have been drenched in sweat
I'll just say I'd far rather buy a lightly preworn model of something I love than buy a new model I'm not so sure about. Particularly with AE which don't hold their value at all once worn outside. Certainly I think "worn twice" AE is a great route for buying staples if keeping price down is a major concernI bought black Park Avenues worn
Thanks. They say the best time to create a loyal customer is when problems come up and that is true in this case. They took care of me.
I sent mine in for recrafting and they didn't survive. Rancourt told me they just ripped apart.But they took care of me by replacing them with these... Whiskey longwings
any pics of the Fore Boot in the wild?
ah, yes I see. still when I look at these two, I see minor differences as you mention but stylistically I would wear them identically.
isn't the Rancourt pinch penny really the same style as the LHS? (minor differences aside, such as an Alden longwing vs AE MacNeil)or are you more wondering about natural shell vs #8 ?edit: googling briefly I do see Rancourt makes a beefroll loafer, similar to the AE Kenwood. mb thats what you're referring to.
nice, I assume you got them from the same ebay seller I did.pretty happy with these for now, and also for the future as Rancourt has some cool resoling options.
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