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$650-$750 for the c&j gmto in shell is the sweet spot right now imo. Though I've seen some amazing vass posted lately
oh I agree, and that phenomena (rarity/difficulty of purchasing driving demand) of course is not limited to mens shoes. look at the wine/beer/bourbon world and it's the exact same. people simply want what they can't have - Pappy 12 Year is good but not $300/bottle good
What's the price?
I understand all that. it's how I felt about the Leathersoul ravello shortwings. I looked at those for a long time and thought that is was my ultimate shoe. light shell in a shortwing. then I got the whiskey shortwings from C&J and it scratched that itch. so now those LS shortwings aren't a grail for me!so I'm saying - it doesn't matter if I can't buy it. if I don't want it anymore, it's not a grail. that part is up to you. mind over matter, or in this case, mind over maker!
And just so I contribute something more than grade d philosophy, here are my beat up ultimate Indy boots for a slushy day in Boston. still on the original soles, about 5 years old? but need to be redone after this winter
I understand where you're coming from, I just disagree with that POV. I get that people are Alden fans, so am I, but there is (generally) more than one way to scratch an itch. it's only a grail if you make it into a grail in your mind.but if you want a #4 Indy boot - then yeah there is only one place to turn
I think the recent GMTO for Whiskey Shell PTB from C&J was like $650. Carmina also recently had discounts on MTO's and you could have gotten a whiskey (or #4) PTB for like $750 iircnot Alden, sure, and I realize this is the Alden thread but so many things are grails if you only look at Alden, but if you expand to other high quality (or superior) makers things become much easier to acquiresure, if you want an Indy boot, Alden is where you gotta go. but for various other...
It's amazing how many gmto have been available via C&J this year (at very reasonable prices) which would be considered unobtanium via Alden (unless you are part of the illuminati). Whiskey shell wingtip boots, whiskey shell shortwings, whiskey shell ptb, etc. And cognac shell from c&j is basically standard vs being 'grail' from Alden.
I think whiskey is a great winter color - assuming you like contrast with your pants. Against navy and grey pants whiskey shell has a beautiful pop. If you like that short of thing
Personally I like dainite as an all around sole. It's not quite as good on snow and ice as commando/full lug sole but looks far better in most environments. It's extremely durable.Dainite is probably where most of my shoes will end up. Indy boots will move to a real lug sole so I have one pair or those in my quiver, my more slender shoes I'll keep single lesther, everything else dainite
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