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thanks! drop to $200
that's really nice. too close to my Lindrick for me, but that's what I was referring to above when it comes to people having more choice now than years ago
If it was ever like that, it was way earlier than 2010 remember that's when the aforementioned Ravello Brixton order was placed...It was easier to find exotic shells on the Seconds list back then (at $389) but you still needed to get a bit lucky.Flip side is that today there are a lot more accessible choices for standard and exotic shell besides Alden. Back then AE was doing nothing besides #8 and Black. You had the C&J for RL stuff and a couple stray other makers but not...
I have a sweet pair of AE Polo shell cordovan saddle shoes. 9D. These look to have been worn 2-5 times, check out the (lack of) wear on the heals and lack of creasing. I'm looking ideally for someone who has tons of loafers and would prefer a fun saddle shoe like this. Looking specifically for. Alden LHS in 8.5 D Van last, flex welt sole (suede preferably) AE loafer in shell, something fitting either 8.5E or 9D some other cool loafer? looking for something casual/trad...
ah that's good then
4.5 years is ludicrous. I know it's completely out of their hands but that's borderline fraudulent. Hopefully they've reached out a couple times and offered to return your money at least. the S&P 500 has more than doubled in that timeframe, it's cost you real money.
2.5 years! damn. imagine everything that could change in 2.5 years - your tastes, your financial situation, you even being alive (lol).
I think people see a lot more Aldens than you realize, it's just that a lot of them are pretty hard to distinguish from other shoes in real life scenarios. if I showed you a picture of an Alden LWB and an AE MacNeil next to each other would you be able to tell the difference? I'm sure, yes. what if you saw someone wearing a longwing across the hallway and he just walked by you quickly? much harder to recognize exactly what it is. ditto for lots of Alden styles which are...
I think basically they have kept the 3 shoes constant and rotated in all the various boot models as one offs (more or less).
AE Kenwood in brown shell
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