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this thread needs more people thanking each other, with no usage of multiquote. then it would be perfect
quickest way to make natty cxl look like dark brown cxl is buy returning your natty cxl and buying dark brown cxlthe non snarky answer is they will eventually darken with time and with dark brown polish I would think, but it seems like you really bought the wrong color for what you want
I actually used to agree with this - that whiskey was the ultimate LHS color. but I realized that I wear so many khaki/tan colors in the summer (when I wear the LHS the most) that having a bit more contrast was better for me. now I think ravello/cognac is the best LHS color. for me anyways
you'll see #8 Alden shell on display that looks like cigar shell. fluorescent lights really change the color the Darltons on display in Boston also look super light
you might be able to get $100, yeah, black wont fetch as much as any other color
to 99% of Americans, this is a casual shoe while a dress shoe is made of leather itt people debate intricacies that 99.9% of people would never ever notice. things like a natural edge vs dark edge - only shoe geeks care about or notice this stuff. which is fine and ok. just don't confuse this with standards that anyone else in the world uses
on one hand, sure, otoh, this is a style of shoe that every crap shoe maker currently has - it's not exactly an Indiana Jones type find
that's like, 90% of the shoes in this thread
To me it looks like the color closest to the Cigar Indy in the top row is the cappuccino shell in the bottom:; not the cigar LWB!
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