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Nice. Cognac shell? One of the bp lasts?
Any confirmation on what kind of leather the "russett Brown" is on the Sauk Drive boots?
Looking for an 8.5D Van lasted LHS, preferable on flex welt sole. or open to anything in Ravello that would fit an 8.5 D Barrie or Trubalance obviously will pay more than $1 cheerio
Right OK cool I was mostly asking if someone like that could do the job.
Right. Is that the only good option, bc they are hand welted? I'd rather not ship both ways over the Atlantic .
Imo if they have been worn enough that they need to be resoled - you don't want to buy them. They'll likely never fit you right
So wear do you guys get Vass resoled?
What about Veldtschoen?And when you say handwelted, do you mean like Vass, Buday, etc do - or something else?
Wore these through rain storms for 2 days, then got them shined up. C&J for BB. Patina definitely trending to a brownish - burgundy.
This is vass for cheaper than Allen Edmonds
New Posts  All Forums: