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Nah, there are serious diminishing returns with this whole large rotation thing. And I've spent many a business trip with one pair of shoes. If low cost/wear is what you want, then keeping 3 or 4 pairs maximum is the sweet spot (because your cost is really what you've spent on all your shoes)
Alden shell at Marshall's is bizarre, I'm guessing some retailer went out of business and Marshall's bought them, but the quantities should obviously be low
Galway 2 is 413 euro. I'm guessing that's including VAT, so excited VAT should be around 344 euro which is $360. Seems like a very good price. No idea what shipping costs to USA though
I would wear blue with most things I wear black with, but you lose denim but gain in khaki/tan pants. If you wear a lot of tan/light brown/charcoal pants I don't think you'd have a problem fitting navy in. Probably think of it as a fun substitute for the various brown shoes you probably have
For the unversed (apologize) what is the best comp of US sizing for these? How do they compare to say Crockett and Jones 8e (240 or 325 last etc) or Alden Barrie or plaza last?Cheers!
#8 cap toe boots (on rubber soul) is my choice
That is peak Ravello
The answer could simply be - Alden Ravello can end up looking very similar to other shades, even though it's supposed to be different!Or as you know, you could ask the question this way: how do so many Whiskey Shell shoes end up looking different from one another even though they are the same color? It's just the production variance.Whiskey can look different than Whiskey and Ravello can look the same as Cognac. The charm of shell!
These are beautiful
If you're looking for snow boots then you need to compromise somewhere
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