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one time I got back from a trip and very sadly only found my left flip flop. this was a nice flip flop, broken in after years of use and custom fit at this point, so I was distraught that I could not find the right flip flop. So sadly I made the hard decision that I just had to throw the left flip flop out, so into the garbage it went. 2 weeks later I found the right flip flop true story
it's always the ice that's the real problemthe problem with neocork is that it's smooth, and anything smooth on ice is a real bad matchpersonally if I were you I would wear them as is and resole to commando when they are due
For people that think ae is overpriced; half the Alden thread is people pointing out flaws.
I bought my C&J for BB shell boots specifically for bad weather wear. I mean I wear them when it's nice out, but don't hesitate to wear them in the rain and snow. shell is weather resistant, that's part of the reason I bought them in the first place. ditto for my Ultimate Indy's which are also very expensive shoes. for me sole choice is a much more relevant variable than uppers. I wouldn't ever wear my single leather sole calfskin oxfords (which I bought for $80) in the...
I'd say most folks size down .5 for Van last, so if you are 9.5 D Van, 10D Lindrick is probably your best bet. but if you're saying you are also 9.5D Aberdeen, I would recommend 9.5 D Lindrick.
are you sure you have the bolded correct? seems backwards
reality is AE is a ton cheaper on the secondary market as well. I paid like $90 for my barely used Park Avenues and those sort of deals are frequently around on ebay..not so for the other brands
haha ^
if you are talking about the C&J Bradford you linked, it's still for sale. 8.5E UK which he says is 10D US, which must be a bit off.
John Lobb "Vigo" Loafer. Beautiful dark brown suede suede. 8E UK which fits equivalent to 9D US. I'll let the pics tell the story. Open to offers but I think they'll sell at close to this price.
New Posts  All Forums: