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I think you need to go back longer than that. I started shopping for shell in 2009 (I still have most of the Shoemart emails) and don't ever remember seeing #4 in any of them. You could see Ravello and Whiskey pop up more however. It's possible firsts sat unsold but I think if that was the case you would have *sometimes* seen them on seconds lists(just looking at my first email I see listings for "dark brown" shell cordovan and "tan" shell cordovan for $369!)
I sold a pair of shoes to someone who registered only 2 months ago but had 16 pieces of feedback (all positive). He pays via PayPal immediately. 13 hours later eBay says they have closed his account but I can't get anymore details. He claims he has no idea what happened. What do I do here?
Honestly there is so much variation in cognac and dark cognac and brown that I think of them as one color that may look wildly different from batch to batch . Even in the same "batch" cognac can look very different than cognac
C&J is not doing cognac shell anymore?My C&J for BB captoe boots are 6 years old and on their original Dainite soles. And I'm a 230 pound guy who only has a 5 or 6 shoe rotation. In that time I've had loafers go through at least 3 heels. That's a long way of saying Dainite is incredibly hard wearing
But if you're a lawyer you should probably be looking for another job as well.
They dye som of their own colors so it's certainly possible.
bumping an old thread to say that I went into Colonial Shoe Repair today on Summer St. and the proprietor was both knowledgeable and friendly. I'll be going there soon for some business.
I get it, but stuff you expose yourself to commonly to is probably far grosser. Bathroom handles, hotel comforters, etc. Also it's not like you're buying running sneakers which will have been drenched in sweat
I'll just say I'd far rather buy a lightly preworn model of something I love than buy a new model I'm not so sure about. Particularly with AE which don't hold their value at all once worn outside. Certainly I think "worn twice" AE is a great route for buying staples if keeping price down is a major concernI bought black Park Avenues worn
Thanks. They say the best time to create a loyal customer is when problems come up and that is true in this case. They took care of me.
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