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Rancourt also uses these
Do the same advantages for HW over GYW apply if you are talking about a Dainite or Vibram lug sole and not a leather sole?
I last tried on the Marlow 8.5D US a long time ago, so I can't give specifics. I just recall it being a bit too snug for me, similar to how the 8E Skye 2 was too short.
I had thought there was confirmation a few weeks back that Brooks Brothers was using 379x last. One of the seconds on the Shoemart list matched a BB boot.
Those were both a bit too small for me. It's probably your best best in the 325.335 fit short for me, I find it shorter than the other c&J lasts.
BC a lot of the debate is around quality and longevity - and there are plenty of people who have experience wearing shoes for a long time.It's debate that is infuriating BC it's largely academic. Is hy better? Yes. Will that matter for most people? No.If we could just agree with that everyone could go on their way
That's not too downplay what I think could be the massive benefits of bespoke shoes. It's just that when I see "worn once" AE and vintage Florsheim sell for $100 on eBay that I know the longevity arguments for spending much more are bunk. Certainly there are other reasons though
The problem with the "AE buyers don't look for quality argument" is that the vast majority of those shoes will last exactly as long as their owners care for them to. Yes they are lower quality than what you produce, but mainly in an academic way. Like a car that will drive for 300,000 miles instead of another that will last for 250,000. Yes it's better from a longevity POV but most folks will never actually experience that benefit I'll tire of my Alden and C&J before...
Side question but can you resole a hand welted shoe in your shop? I've been there and had a good experience but I'm curious if I bought a Vass or Buday if I need to send it back to Europe for resoling. I have no problem giving them business I just don't want to ship over the Atlantic twice...
right. and the simplest answer may simply be that 50 pairs flipped on eBay per year isn't something that's going to raise flags for them / be something they even care about
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