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I think that color is very nice. But it's not really close to what I would consider whiskey. It's pretty solidly in the mid brown spectrum. It does look very similar to what the Marlow looked liked a number of years ago. It's maybe a perfect color. But just not whiskey
Businesses are often correct in turning down business from their worst customers. Time spent on back and forth, lost efficiency in the factory for making small batch orders, abnormally high return costs - these are all factors which could make the venture not worthwhile for the business. I don't know if that's the case but it certainly could be.
Ha he had the same ones but no these were from a different seller
Rancourt natural shell. About 20 wears in, haven't done a thing to them in terms of maintenance. Starting to deepen and take on a rich color.
Have you gotten a price on the whiskey harlech?
Double leather soles will outperform a worn out topy or anything smooth. The key is that you don't have a smooth sole against ice - that is dangerous. So well worn in leather soles are ok. New leather not OK.
I always hear that, yet see stained suede far more frequently than any other high quality leather
Probably close to that but you need to be really good on the second hand market for that. AE can be had for nearly free in the right circumstances I agree. And not beat up, but even "barely used" can be had for under $100.The key is getting what you really want. BC on the secondary market it's really easy to buy things just BC they are a good deal.I've gotten some amazing deals but getting plenty of wear into something and selling it for more than you paid is tough unless...
Unfortunate but fixable right? Shoes need new soles, new heels, new laces, etc so maintainance is needed but ultimately I would think AE would fix these. Agree that such a failure is dissapointing but that as atypical of quality shoes
right, I have pairs with hundreds of wears on them and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. for most folks, the idea of "longevity" is a red herring, or an excuse people use to acquire more shoes. for a good quality shoe, *something else* is more likely to happen than the shoes dying. IE one of:- your shoe size changes- your job changes and you don't need those shoes anymore- your personal style changes- your financial situation changes- etc etcone of those things...
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