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eh, not sure I agree. Brannock is 2 dimensional only while some lasts (or certainly shoes) take into account at least 3 dimensions (or the 3rd dimension at different points)I just know this from being misfit on ski boots for years and years until somebody finally figured out that I my foot was thicker than normal at a couple points
heh, I believe it. some folks have holes despite owning 200 shoes, others have no holes in their 4 shoe collection.
I suppose it was a combination of that...it's just that I saw a collection of 21 shoes and thought1) if you've bought that many shoes and you feel you actually have "holes" - as opposed to 'aesthetic wants' - you've either probably duplicated a ton of styles or you just need to come around to the fact that you actually don't have 'holes' but rather 'don't need, but wants'. And that's ok, I get that you like variety, but I think making that small mental shift helped me...
I only own 7 pairs of shoes, but 5 are shell. I keep my collection at this number. If you think you have "holes" in this collection, I think you will ALWAYS think that.
definitely agree with this. to my eye there was always something just a bit off with the Dalton and I think you hit it. credit to @zippyh on the pic.Alden Brixton and C&J LindrickvsDaltonall the shell is super nice, just feel the spacing on the vamp on the Dalton is a bit off
buy some Venetian creme, any decent horsehair brush, any shoe trees that say that fit size 9. You can get more obsessive than that but that's all you really need.
sorry if this has been asked, but are the Rancourt for BB Venetian loafers lined or unlined? Anyone have those? Like 'em, love 'em?
Ultimate Indy's, recently shined. These get the most wear out of any of my shoes, save for my loafers in summer. these are about 3 years old. the brown CXL is perfect on this boot, as is the commando sole. really the perfect makeup I think .
this is a great deal man.
thanks, and that they are.since people are discussing it, my experience with Dainite is they wear very hard. You'll wear them a ton before you need a resole. They are pretty good in the winter - I find commando is a bit better on the ice but dainite is perfectly good on light snow and rain is fine. the flip side is they are...hard I think - my feet can sometimes be sore at the end of the day b/c the soles are just harder than leather or commando nevermind crepe.I don't...
New Posts  All Forums: