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I never would ask someone to pay F&F on my posted asking price. however if they ask for a big discount I'll give them the option to pay that way as a way of getting closer on price
makes sense to me. my guess is the variance people see across makers is mostly due to the inherent variance in Horween shell, not anything the makers are doing to it
I think it's more of a PITA factorI asked them a couple times about putting a camp moc sole on a shoe with an existing midsole and got ignored. I suspect they just don't want to make changes like thatrelated, I'm about to do a premium refurbish by adding the Shaker sole onto my shell venetian loafer
a handwelted or goodyear welted or any sort of welted or stitched leather shoe can be water resistant, but if you want it to be waterproof you're gonna need a genie to grant that wish. any stitched construction marketed as "waterproof" is wrong.if you want waterproof, you're gonna need one continous piece of rubber wrapped around your foot. like Hunter Boots. you want leather shoes to perform like that and I want my Honda to be a Ferrari but that ain't happening.square...
This is true, but Gore-Tex was invented years ago (let's moisture out but not in) and has been improved upon greatly since. there are hiking sneakers and boots optimized to be used to be used in warm weather locations and none of them are hand welted "waterpoof" is a term tossed around a lot but short of my rubber LL Bean boots, none of my footwear is even close to waterproof. nothing with leather and stitching involved should be considered in the waterproof conversation -...
this is is why I bought a #4 wallet - easy and I get to use it every day
Classic model Alden x Leather Soul NST Tanker Boots in beautiful brown Chromexcel. 8.5D Barrie last, fits true to size for 9D. Excellent, very lightly used condition (about 10 wears). Commando Sole - check out tread pic to see how fresh these are $349 including shipping CONUS, extra elsewhere reasonable offers considered
Just guessing that he means speedhooks will destroy new laces
these are #8 Chromexcel, right?
IMO well worn shoes are not worth buying second hand. They'll never fit you right
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