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Another data point on a long discussed subject. Recently picked up Alden for BB unlined shell lhs in 8.5d. Could barely get them on my feet - way too small. I have a great fit in my 8.5d ultimate Indy boots. I have tried on Van last lhs 8.5d before and they fit great...but these Bb models are way smaller
pricing is a funny thing.like, I will bet Context sells all those boots for $835 no problem. but on the secondary market they wouldn't sell for nearly that much, unless you want that EXACT makeup it's not hard to spend a few hundred less than that and get a sweet #8 shell bootmeanwhile if it was in Ravello they would price is at $850 or something and it would be underpriced, people would pay even more for that on the secondary market(and agree that C&J is nicer)
Marlow is $1,000 now actually of course those are Made in England (import charges) and in an 'exotic' shell colorbig difference is they actually go on sale sometimes, though I haven't kept up on those. in the Lindrick boot feeding frenzy a few years back the price dropped to around $550 iirc
I always hear people talk about how tough suede actually is...then always end up seeing pics of suede shoes with some weird stain on them that won't come out.
furthermore, shoes that have already needed a restore due to heavy wearing by someone else are never worth a restore by you. you're buying old beat shoes for $100+ then paying $150+ to restore them? you end up paying $250+ for old uppers / leather and a footbed broken into someones else's foot. that's crazy.I'm all about lightly used shoes and the secondary market in general, you can get a tremendous shoe collection at a massive discount. I have rare color shell, C&J's,...
my dress up shoes when I was a kid were definitely tassel loafers
I remember the tassel loafer being described as best worn by those younger than 10 or older than 50, and I agree with that
Would this be the Japanese or the Italian shell?
as state above, this has been their MO for many years now. produce one boot for RL on a one off basis, then it's gone. they have the plain toe chukka, the moc toe, the george boot, the jodphur, the wingtip, etc etc
thanks. just found a nice looking pair in the tan shell, I hope they fit.
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