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price depending on condition of course. flexible on color
thanks. is something like navy blazer / wool trousers / white shirt / pink tie too informal? or is a suit required here?
any guidelines here? this is for a very wealthy persons wedding at his house. 6pm start, reception right after. it's in June. any hints for what is acceptable here? light suit? dark suit with....? am up for buying something, but have no idea where to start really.
how about these guys? Florsheim Royal Imperial triple v cleats shell cordovan
smooth soles = slippery. I had a pair or RM Williams boots with a smooth rubber sole that I slipped and fell while wearing multiple times in the winter, until I decided that was crazy and sold them. topy is probably a bit better than leather in the winter in terms of "slippery proof" but once they get worn down to the point they are smooth, they are no better or actually worse I think. some people say dainite is slippery but it's been ok in my experience. something like...
as someone who has worked with online promo codes for years, my guess is they just screwed up by not excluding Aldens. its humans who create these codes, and normally the person who actually creates it in their back end system is a relatively low level employee following the instructions of someone higher up the food chain. these people, like everyone else, are prone to mistakes, especially when the logic behind the code probably mandates extra work to exclude certain...
I wear all my shell in all conditions with no reservations. the only thing I pay attention to is the sole (prefer commando/dainite/crepe in wet/winter)
Thanks Mac.These are Alden for the Wright Shop
any guess on this last?
I'm sure you take care of your shoes as well as anybody does, but given the 50?100?200? pairs of you have, your 20+ YO wingtips might have been worn literally as many times as my 2 year old boots.
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