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for $99 I think these are awesome. do you need them? no way, but I really doubt you need a 3rd pair of wingtip bluchers, etc - most people here are absolutely no need for more than a few pairs of nice shoes.I think it's easy to make an argument that buying shoes like this for a very specific purpose - for 3 or 5 festive occasionally a year - adds more 'incremental value' to your wardrobe than another pair of shoes that serve no unique function at all, but rather are just...
Sorry I mean the reply you got from C&J makes sense: The shoes we make for Barneys are made in US sizes. For shoes from our retail stores you typically need to drop one full size from your US size (e.g. US 8.5 = UK 7.5). This is the case for a majority of the lasts we sell in Barneys. If you have any questions concerning a particular model, please let us know and we'll offer you the best guidance possible.
I think the most explanation is exactly what the C&J people have told us. I have 9d in C&J for BB and for RL and wear 8.5D Alden Barrie. There is no way those C&J are actually any bigger then 8uk.
vintage AE 'black cherry' shell, next to #4 wallet
if they're not on the website, which store did you find them in? are they like thisanybody have an extra 40% off
Thanks!Weird that is says made in Italy but I assume that's just a mistake they made. More important I wish I knew what last this was (grant won't work) and the sole type.
What is the closest rancourt equivalent to the Alden suede lhs?
I'm debating it but really want the speed hooks... And since you can get the long branch in Horween cxl... I'm torn
Nice. Cognac shell? One of the bp lasts?
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