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Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk That was fast! hehe, I have already received my test shirt, but since many things need to be altered on it, and I am not happy with the collar, I was trying to figure out what collar to have on the rest of my order (6 shirt minimum )...
I add here a photo of the first shirt I received from T&A. in short I am (among many things) not happy with the collar. it seems to be jumping up behind the tie. it is also too big. what do u guys make of it?
right, so in conclusion I should stick with T&A's standard tie space?
but when there is tie space does one not risk the tie knot touching skin?
is it true that no tie space is an italian thing and some (or a lot) of tie space is an english thing?
I am having some bespoke shirts made by T&A and I (think) I am going with a cutaway collar (regent they apparently call it). A little bit of tie space appears to be standard with T&A. should i go for no tie space, a little tie space or a lot of tie space?
I am assuming this is a purely "American discussion". as a European I better well stay out of it
So who makes ties for Tom Ford? I love the thickness and feel of those ties, but they are a bit pricey. Does anyone know of a cheaper brand that sell the same type of ties?
Quote: Originally Posted by John_Edward Just had a quick looksie at the sport shirt and it reminded of a niggle I've got with so many shirts in America. Is anyone bothered that so often the (contrasting white) collar doesn't match the cuffs? If I'm honest, the mis-match looks a bit daft. Perhaps it's just me. looks better if it is only the collar that is contrasting, no? IMO this looks better, as seen on Gordon Gekko and Patrick Bateman....
so this will be what is known in Europe as a "full" fit then
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