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That is absolutely pathetic. the fuck. Balotelli getting what he deserves!
+1. Criticising a former student of the university you teach in, in public, is a bit unnecessary to say the least.If someone wants to wear a suit, wear a goddamn suit.And all of this coming from Larry Summers of all people. Ha!
Quote: Originally Posted by Pinhas HULU+ has many of the Crit Collection. Deff worth the $9/mo. +1. They have 500odd films from the Criterion Collection. Definitely worth the money.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Whelp, there go my plans. Guess what time it is?: Karaoke for one time!!!!!!! Tonight, in honor of their recent visit, I'll be performing a selection from the venerable U2 band. Should be quite the show. I even have orange glasses to cement my Bono impersonation. Bro, take me with.
^ Smart spam right here!
Mexico pulled that back quick and could've been 3-2 to Mexico at the brink of half time. Good game this.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad It comes with a pink cashmere bookmark. Attolini ?
PM sent for the BB shirt. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by clockwise Probably because you are a genius. We all are. What's your esteemed team name? Probably because I was the last person to join on Gameweek 1. I had completely forgotten about FF for a while. I'm Dad's army.
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