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There's a Boggi shop on every corner in Milan... Good value for your money
I'm 23 and I always wear one; both casual and formal. Not because it's trendy or highly fashionable; just because I like it. It's the sort of thing you try once and then ask yourself why you didn't do it before...
Quote: Originally Posted by T4phage In short... it is B.S! A marketing catchphrase developed by the clothing chain Oger to describe their so called "Italian look" (in their imaginations). Slim slim slim suits (i.e too tight), and pants that only reach to above your ankle.... As I said.. pure B.S but it is selling well to the silly. Sorry if I hurt your feelings by mentioning the term in my first post... Anyway; doesn't matter who...
Quote: Originally Posted by Carey and they are expensive. Either are $300 or better at full retail. Needless Markup sells them both. Occasionally you might find a better men's shop will have them on an end of season clearence. I bought a pair this summer for $150.00; however, they are a very fine striped fabric tropical weight wool, and are at best a business casual pair of trousers. Both Incotex and Valentini have huge collections in...
Try Incotex and Valentini
Got various Lacoste poloshirts that my dad bought in the (I think) the early seventies. They fit me perfectly and the quality is just great - love to wear them during summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Do you like your sportcoats and suitcoats to be fit the same or a bit differently? If you prefer some differences, let us know what they are! Both cut to the bone for me. So basically no difference in chest and waist width but I prefer a slighly longer jacket in formal wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Those pants are tight at the ankle! How do you get your foot through that opening? I just put in a small zipper at the back In the picture it looks tighter then it actually is -> it's a good 18,5 cm width (hey this is Europe !)
Santoni 7508 (here's a screenshot) must be there in browns!
Style obviously isn't something you can buy and, I think, is first of all in the overall look, cleanliness and cut of the clothes. But as you learn along the way of your sartorial journey prices simply DO rise as you are looking for more and more fantastic sartorial details that are obviously only recognised by few and than only from upclose.
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