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Give me an offer. Looking for any, chukkas, wingtips, longwings,etc.
saw two of these shirts in large if anyone wants
Under $100?
do these exist? I know by nature they are v weak How are soludos?
that blazer is still my my local place, i think @ 200i remember because i bought and I returned an xsi think i recall seeing it in L and XL when i was there a few days agoits a really nice blazer, i just realized i would never wear it here in houstoni bought for 200 + 30% off when the sale was going on
anyone know of a frame similar to this but without the labeling on the side
these r ugly i do not understand
I have a 3-2 roll but the btton stance is terrible the bottom button sits above my naval. keep or return its this tweed sports jacket basically same cut as this
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