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i concuri want some nice heathered flannels or tweed if anyone has a cheap pair that isn't over 100.the left field one is 275, well over my budget
their non slim oxfords v nice collar, nice and beefy fabric + 17" shoulders at an XS size their lambwool sweaters v nice also for 30 bucks, too warm, havnt tried their heattech yet got a crew neck but might return, i think i prefer vneck for undershirts their wool trousers i am not liking, 2 thin horrible cut will cop more oxfords + cardigans + heattech vnecks if they can manage to fill stock horrible stocking
How thick is that merino cardigan? Is it comparable to the UNiqlo's Lambswool? If so I will insta cop
mid gray flannelly trousers for winter any1????????
I got the tasmanian wool pants in grey 29 waist if anyone wants b4 i return
do stores still carry their striped oxfords + extra fine oxfords? online does not :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
new stuff v nice crew neck sparkle sweater sold out in xs already dang :[ gg cm u r king
here's hoping for good sales rugby has good pieces but way overprice :[
that jacket real nice i wish it had a liner though, kinda itchy w just a tshirt with a ocbd though = money
if you're 165lb 39 chest and need a small i am 5'8" 120lb, i am fucked xs will be a tent on me ggs
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