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for $150, get redwings
What's the best raw jeans that fit like the levis 511 but w/an inch more rise? Under $100. I don't mind hitting ebay for them.
I bought them online and they do not fit me well, need to size up for me. Worn once to try it out. Selling for $35 + shipping. (basically new)
can someone summarize the major brands by pricepoint? This thread is so damn long and most of the brands are 100+ a shirt. Land's end pricepoint appeal to me, are all their casual plaid shirts slim fitting?
it's a Polo RL jacket measurements says 18 front chest, 16 shoulder yoke 26"lenght, 23" sleeve I'm 5'7" chest sized 34, shoulders 17. What are the chances I'd fit this jacket? It's going for $50 and I'm dying to pull the trigger for a casual jacket. ALso, the jcrew mcalister is available for $70 in sand, are they wider than the slim clarks desert boots? Those kill my feet.
Has anyone here tried stuff from ebay? There seems to be a huge influx of slim fitted shirts from multiple sellers from south korea. An example
I tried these clarks in store and man were they painful. They seemed really narrow and long. .5 down and they're painful, .5 up and they're too long. I do like the crepe soles. Are these supposed to break in that much? My heel felt like it was getting stabbed.
I used to untuck a lot. Now i see that having a tucked shirt without the top button + rolled up sleeves is a lot more casual and porportionate looking. untucked just looks weird with a long shirt the shirt has to be really fitted well if you're tucking it in for a casual look
when I was in vietnam I had a few made in saigon, same style actually. shoot, if anyone is interested, they're size 28x30 (never worn)
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