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Is there an good alternate for boots in sizes 6-6.5 redwings only go to 7
Quote: Originally Posted by Blog Marley what are those? Pakerson boots I just bought them, I'll take more pictures when they get here
that jacket kicks ass
you gots got any idea for good jeans that fit slightly snuggier than the 514s but looser than the skinny 511s
http://www.zappos.com/levis-501-original-iconic-rigid are these sanforized dry?
I think Levi updated their 514 rigid? Zappos' rigid look a lot different than the original 'raw' rigid posted in this thread. http://www.zappos.com/levis-514-slim-straight-overhaul (scroll) http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/7615/rigid.jpg color + stitching clearly new? looks more blue
u dont have a paperclip
Fresh out of school, and realizing my clothes made me look like a homeless person, I realized I had to rebuild my closet. I literally threw away all of my clothes besides 2-3 shirts + underwear. I've been trying hard to rebuild my wardrobe one piece at a time.So far I got slim jeans + a few cotton button shirts) I'm limiting myself to very selected pieces that fit specific outfits I know I'll wear. Last thing I want is more clothes piling up unworn. It begs the...
From what hypebeasts thread says, these are made from naked & famous They fit pretty good from what I tried.
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