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Fresh out of school, and realizing my clothes made me look like a homeless person, I realized I had to rebuild my closet. I literally threw away all of my clothes besides 2-3 shirts + underwear. I've been trying hard to rebuild my wardrobe one piece at a time.So far I got slim jeans + a few cotton button shirts) I'm limiting myself to very selected pieces that fit specific outfits I know I'll wear. Last thing I want is more clothes piling up unworn. It begs the...
From what hypebeasts thread says, these are made from naked & famous They fit pretty good from what I tried.
I had the same exact problem, the top of my foot was dying. I ended up not buying them for this reason. You're not the only one.
(newb) pakerson italian handmade suede boots is pakerson a good brand? sells them for 300+, I found a used pair for <100
I wouldn't mind learning how to dart/taking sides in. I have so many baggy shirts I wouldnt mind trashing
I have no problems taking donations. I currently have 2 ratty pairs of levis. I'm trying out different fits right now,gonna try the 514s and 511s. 28x30 anyone
lol "gay" insecure much?
they are actually $80 campers on sale from 180 + BCB I'm digging the left ones too
target used to make them jcrew makes them UO actually makes them on their website i believe gap used to. They all look exactly the same besides the material quality.
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