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SS doesn't seem to carry linen yet. Good advice
After buying a SS worsted navy, I realized I'd wear it once a year at most considering the weight and formality of the suit. A bad investment considering my income is not that great. I will probably return the suit. I travel a lot and will probably be in Southeast Asia for a while, Vietnam specifically. What's a better more versatile suit that I can wear as a blazer, pack for travel in the tropics, and be ok enough for casual use? I'm in education so even at...
i got the my 34 london fit in! I'll post pics once it comes back from the tailor. The pants fit horrendously but the jacket was pretty dead on, especially in the shoulders.
fuck i want that varsity but i hate that stupid logo
only their 34r size fits mebut they only do 34r for MTM. The MTM base model jacket fits me perfect in that size, so I don't want to waste 1k on minor tweaking. I'm hoping they just release more 34R sizes in the spring. Also I was only in NYC for a short time.
i went into the nyc store today. it turns out i fit their 34r london perfectly, but the jacket I tried on was for the MTM service only. They do not carry a 34R in that fit, lowest is a 35 . Any ideas?
they refuse a return on a tshirt cause theres "lipstick" on it wat i do not own lipstick and i tried it on once
white dot print shirt fit pic? w jeans or chinos? uniqlo so many blend of knits wat 2 get lambswool kinda itchy
how accurate are those jeans measurements for tapered vs slim fit looking for a 508 fit or tapered 514
i concuri want some nice heathered flannels or tweed if anyone has a cheap pair that isn't over 100.the left field one is 275, well over my budget
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