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great collar on the shirt also link to blazer + shirt please. Nice shoes too
How's the quality on their linen shawl cardigan? too thin? I want something akin to a blazer but less formal and lighter.
chukkas + brown double monks or 1 pair SHELL LONGWINGS? will be worn w/ Chinos and jeans type 90%, other 10% suits slacks
black captoe suede chukka - dark brown burgundy blucher brogue double monks - tan calf sneakers/boatshoe/loafer ? either chukka or monks must be one dark brown, one light brown? switch monks or chukka for boots if living in colder climate
I've been looking for a shoe that can be worn casually with chinos/jeans/ocbd. Its a battle between chukkas and wingtip. I've found a few nice pair of chukkas options w Loake and Meermin. But I can't to seem to find a nice short wing blucher choice. Any suggestions?
also check the 50 million page suit supply thread v nice suits for the price
wool-linen blend = too wrinkly for a 1 suit wardrobe? Vietnam is very hot, I'm afraid I'd melt in traditional worsted wool. My worsted can still be returned, what do you guys think? I'd figure that suit can double as a casual blazer also because of the patch pockets.
First suit navy linen ok?http://us.suitsupply.com/suits/suit-blue-plain-havana-p3500e/P3500E,en_US,pd.html?start=12&cgid=Pre_Suits#desc_a
SS doesn't seem to carry linen yet. Good advice
After buying a SS worsted navy, I realized I'd wear it once a year at most considering the weight and formality of the suit. A bad investment considering my income is not that great. I will probably return the suit. I travel a lot and will probably be in Southeast Asia for a while, Vietnam specifically. What's a better more versatile suit that I can wear as a blazer, pack for travel in the tropics, and be ok enough for casual use? I'm in education so even at...
New Posts  All Forums: