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authentic vs mariner which is slimmer? im a 35 chest 28 waist, 32r?
i thought the extra button was for if u lose a button
44w 30L wat
is their quality of their oxfords good? I'm about to buy one of their striped oxfords
the website is sold out on a lot of stuff can anyone proxy me some xs sweaters
the jcrew one fits terribly but the fabric is great
Usually the largest part of your chest doesn't match up with the pits of the peacoat. The peacoat will have lower armholes so 2" is really 4". So you guys are both right. Peacoat, what u think of this one - tag tag is from 1945 but the coat doesn't look WWII.
Looking for good outerwear for a 34 chest 28 waist guy other than a peacoat
are any of their shawl collar sweaters nice? I ordered the black cotton, I'll see if its worth it. the fair isle went online for 2 mintutes then disappeared
how is their new light coated pea coat?
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